Joe Webb  at work and bored

I'm Bored. Here's what to do when you're bored.

For a quick break if you're bored at work.

Entertainment for the Corporately Challenged
II'm in LOVE!
submitted by: RockyB
Cartoon character Doug is in LOVE !
submitted by: RockyB
Cartoon dog giggles
Soldier Guy ShredsSoldier Guy Shreds
submitted by: Suzie
Bucket o Soldiers Guy flips skateboard
II'm in LOVE!
submitted by: Suzie
Peanuts Sally is in love!

Remember: If the boss comes: Hit the Panic Button!

Blond Sex Change
submitted by: CarolAnn

Ramon decides to get a sex change operation and become a blond...
submitted by: Jamie

A programmer had been missing from work.....
Husband & Wife
submitted by: Suzie

One night, as a couple lays down for bed...
Blonde - Elmo
submitted by: William

Once there was a blonde who really needed some money....

Ninja Cat
submitted by: William
Kittie sneaks up without moving
Ipad Cat
submitted by: AnnMarie
Cat plays with a iPad
Window Surprise
submitted by: Marcus
Was working from home, when I heard something at the window
Lyre Bird Imitates
submitted by: Chris
Amazing! Bird sounds like camera chainsaw car alarm

Soul-Scape featuring Phillip Guillaume My Weekly Horoscope from Soulscape My Weekly Horoscope


Here is insight from the stars. How will you week begin? What changes might come? What will the weekend be like?This and more insight from Angel Aura in My Weekly Horoscope.

My Thoughts by Phillip GuillaueIn Astrology Does the Distance of the Planets Matter? If you want to have some fun at your next astrology gathering try asking this question: Does the distance of the planets from the earth matter? My Thoughts by Phillip Guillaume.

free tarotLearn about paths in your life. Try the One Card reading, Past Present & Future spread and The Celtic Cross reading at My Tarot Reading.

dream analysisCheck out the meaning of that recurring dream and the symbols it contains try My Dream Catcher.

quiet timeRelax and regroup with unique vistas and quiet music My Quiet Time. Renew your spirit in the middle of the day or as your day winds down.

Lots More Games & Puzzles >>

Broiled fish with avocado salsaBroiled fish with avocado salsa
Serve this with plenty of warm fresh tortillas....

Steak with Sauteed OnionsSteak with Sauteed Onions
Great hearty dish for the hungry person steak with onions

Beef and BroccoliBeef and Broccoli
A classic i n Asian cuisine and ready in a snap

Quick Chicken ChunksQuick Chicken Chunks
Whip up a batch of crispy-coated chicken chunks in your microwave

Aliso Creek Cartoons

There are Many Species in the Corporate Jungle!

And Carla hunts them down in The Amblers

Corporate Day CareFree day care at work is not all it seems Day Care

More Creek Cartoons...

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