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Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner) thought she had life all figured out: the perfect job, the perfect city (Boulder, Colorado), and best of all, Grady, the perfect fiancÚ. However, in life, nothing is perfect: the day that was supposed to be their wedding day instead becomes Grady's funeral. At the memorial, Gray is comforted by Grady's closest friends: cheerful Sam (Kevin Smith) and responsible Dennis (Sam Jaeger). When she leaves the reception for a few minutes alone, her private moment is interrupted as Grady's childhood buddy from L.A., Fritz (Timothy Olyphant), bursts in and, thinking the room is empty, seduces the event caterer.

Gray, justifiably piqued, blurts, "How could he have been friends with you? You're everything he hated." After the memorial, Gray realizes that she can no longer afford the house she and Grady rented. Sam and Dennis take her in, feeling a responsibility to take care of their pal's fiancÚ... but to Gray's chagrin, she finds that the boys have also offered a bed to Fritz.

This film has been rated RATED PG-13 by the MPAA for sexual content, language and some drug use

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Submitted by: cuddlebunny

i would rate it a 10 from a scale out of 10



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