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Jokes Inc. Funny Videos Funny

Power Tumblers
submitted by: singlemalt
How do they get so high?
Hiding a Body
submitted by: midnight
How to dispose of a body Shut Up Cartoons
Girl blown by plane
submitted by: William
a girl is blowing through the power of an aircraft engine
News Anchor Fail 2
submitted by: tallwill
These are funny out takes from the news
Long Distance Relationship
submitted by: ssquared22
Season finale of Crackle's, Long Distance Relationship
Bored at the Office
submitted by: Marcus
This guy plays with a hacky sack amazing
Worst Parking Exit
submitted by: Marcus
This is frustrating! Driver tries to exit parking space!
Really Big Machines
submitted by: Chuckie
These are some amazing BIG machines
Solar System & Stars
submitted by: RockyB
This Is Mind Blowing!
Extreme Proposal
submitted by: singlemalt
Guy asks his girl to marry him - in a unique way.

Jokes Inc. Funny Pics Funny

A trippy Illusion
submitted by: Chris
WOW is this ever a neat illusion
Hot Air Crash
submitted by: AnnMarie
Up Up and away in the beautiful balloon!!!!
Optical Illusion #1
submitted by: Suzie
Is this possible???
submitted by: RockyB
Should he jump or should he not???
Big Rock
submitted by: Jamie
OOPS a little to big for the truck...
Santas Trial
submitted by: William
Tell them to leave poor Santa alone please
Ear Ring
submitted by: Marcus
Can we stretch it a little more
Soft Granny Skin
submitted by: AnnMarie
Not a good add for sun tan lotion
Perfume Gas
submitted by: midnight
It's getting so expensive
Flight School
submitted by: therapist
I don't think this is the best place to learn to fly...
Alien Dog
submitted by: William
Is this a alien or a star wars doggie
Kitty gone bad
submitted by: rockchick
Law and order has gone mad
Flying Bat
submitted by: Marcus
That flying bat could do some realy damage to all the people
Bass Boat
submitted by: AnnMarie
Cool Redneck Bass Boat!! I want one now!!

Jokes Inc. Funny Jokes Funny

Gourmet Reporter
submitted by: RockyB

A magazine reporter is traveling through a rainforest...
Blonde Terminology
submitted by: Chuckie

Anally -- occurring yearly.....
submitted by: Marcus

One day a little girl came running into her house yelling,..
Police Car
submitted by: Marcus

On a narrow mountain road a man sees a police car...
Court Disorder #2
submitted by: Chuckie

Q: So the date of conception (of the baby) was August 8th?..
What's Wrong
submitted by: Chuckie

The celebrant noticed that the bride was in great distress..
Elephant Jokes
submitted by: William

What do you know when you see three elephants...
My Rules
submitted by: Suzie

Typical macho man married typical good-looking lady...
Giving to the Needy
submitted by: midnight

A man was walking in the city...
Horse and Jockey
submitted by: uglytic

A man is selling his horse...
State Slogans 1
submitted by: KarenSue

Alabama: Yes, We Have Electricity
Glad to be Drunk
submitted by: William

A completely inebriated man was stumbling down the street ..
Warning Labels
submitted by: AnnMarie

The Board of Health has proposed that warning signs....
submitted by: AnnMarie

Q: How many musicians does it take....

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