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Insane Stunt
submitted by: Marcus
Bango Performing an Insane Playoff Stunt
Window Surprise
submitted by: Marcus
Was working from home, when I heard something at the window
Big Cats Attack
submitted by: Marcus
Never Turn Your Back on BIG CATS!
Otters Holding Hands
submitted by: Chuckie
Adorable sea otters holding hands
Talking Twinkie
submitted by: Jamie
Random crazy stuff
White Lion Cub
submitted by: TallWill50
Newborn white lion cub very cute
Annoying Orange
submitted by: KarenSue
Funny talking vegetables and fruits
Lion tries eat baby
submitted by: Chuckie
Maybe the baby shouldn't dress like a Zebra

Jokes Inc. Funny Pics Funny

Fat Ho Elderly Cent
submitted by: Jamie
I guess they've gotta have somewhere to retire
Cheap Gas??
submitted by: Suzie
This is just not going to work!
submitted by: Chuckie
Just stare at the dot-it disappears!
Awsome Paint Job
submitted by: William
One of the best paint jobs ever seen before
submitted by: william
Check out the changes in the designs
Optical Illusion #2
submitted by: RockyB
Instant vertigo!
Father & Son
submitted by: Chris
What does this father have to say to his son
submitted by: William
Is this a comentary on Mitsubishi cars?

Jokes Inc. Funny Jokes Funny

Not So Bright
submitted by: AnnMarie

One day there were three builders sitting on a ledge...
The IRS and the Rabbi
submitted by: midnight

The IRS sends their auditor to audit a synagogue...
Mighty England
submitted by: jamie695

England are to play Trinidad and Tobago in the World Cup
Doctors Life #7
submitted by: Chuckie

I was caring for a woman from Kentucky and asked.....
War Zone
submitted by: Chris

Al Davis had finally put together the perfect....
Dad and Teenager
submitted by: RockyB

I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him.
A Groom's Tale
submitted by: Jamie

I was a very happy person....
Forgive Your Enemies
submitted by: Midnight

The preacher's Sunday sermon was "Forgive Your Enemies"...