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Window Surprise
submitted by: Marcus
Was working from home, when I heard something at the window
Squirrel Fights Crow
submitted by: AnnMarie
Amazing Squirrel Fights off Crows - Protects Dead Friend
Remove Your Mustache
submitted by: AnnMarie
Man tries funny ways to remove his mustache
Asleep at the Wheel
submitted by: therapist
The CGI doesn't look that convincing...
Marriage Proposal
submitted by: Chuckie
60 friends create an astounding lip sync proposal
Worlds Tallest Swing
submitted by: PTM
Watch and listen to me scream on this 350ft swing...
Girl blown by plane
submitted by: William
a girl is blowing through the power of an aircraft engine
Anniversary prank!
submitted by: tumba
Don't try this at home.

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New Friends
submitted by: KarenSue
What a good way to meet new friends!
Funny little Car
submitted by: william
This car is smaller than a beetle bug
Wine glass trick
submitted by: Chris
Looks like some sort of tribal ritual
Squirrel & Rabbit
submitted by: RockyB
This little squirrel wants a friend
Drunk with Friends-3
submitted by: midnight
A new found friend
Accident Ahead
submitted by: midnight
Check out the sign over the freeway!
High Gas Prices
submitted by: Chris
Here's a protest to high gas prices!
Girls Soccer
submitted by: William
Obviously played a bit different in other countries

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Doctors Life #9
submitted by: Chris

A new, young MD doing his residency in OB .....
Crowded in Heaven
submitted by: Marcus

It got crowded in heaven, so, for one day it was decided....
GM vs Microsoft
submitted by: KarenSue

At a recent computer expo.....
Adventures of a Car Sales
submitted by: midnight

A lady walked into a Lexus dealership to browse.....
No Great Loss
submitted by: Jamie

Bill Clinton is visiting a school....
What is the diff?
submitted by: Chuckie

"What's the difference between ....
The Cowboy and the Old Pioneer
submitted by: william

While riding one day, a cowboy met an Old Pioneer riding his pony along with a dog and a sheep...
Elephant & Camel
submitted by: Chuckie

 An elephant asks a camel...