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Jokes Inc. Funny Videos Funny

Frog sits like Human
submitted by: tallwill
This is real A frog sitting on a bench hanging out
Stuck in a Toilet
submitted by: tallwill
Very funny dude gets trapped in a porta potty
Pig Adopts Puppies
submitted by: midnight
A pig adopts four puppies that were abandoned at birth
Best Fails YDL
submitted by: Marcus
Best Fails Of The Week 2 April 2012 || YDL
Jeff Garlin-Anytime
submitted by: ssquared22
Anytime with Bob Kushell feat. Jeff Garlin
Discovering Manhood
submitted by: William
A young man locks himself in the bathroom and discovers...
Meals on Heels
submitted by: Jamie
Gundarr episode
BasebalTriple Steal
submitted by: KarenSue
Three stolen vases including home
Worst Drivers
submitted by: Jamie
These are some amazing bad drivers
Ninja Cat
submitted by: William
Kittie sneaks up without moving

Jokes Inc. Funny Pics Funny

Beer Holder
submitted by: Frankie
Everyone needs a place to hold a cold one...
Only in Mexico
submitted by: Chuckie
This could only happen in Mexico!
Kids Laundry
submitted by: William
What a easy way to hand out the laundry
Hot Wheels
submitted by: William
Big surprise coming!
Cute Little Puppy
submitted by: Chuckie
What a cute little sleeping pup
Father & Son
submitted by: Chris
What does this father have to say to his son
submitted by: William
Is this a comentary on Mitsubishi cars?
Painted Hand
submitted by: AnnMarie
Check out the white bird on the hand
Stacked Up
submitted by: Jamie
How high can they stack the items
Man and Dog
submitted by: Suzie
Man with his matching doggie
Two Headed Turtle
submitted by: Jamie
Its this way... no, that way
Funny Bag
submitted by: william
Check out the design of this gift bag
Cats Basketball
submitted by: william
What a talented little kitty cat
Scared Girl
submitted by: Midnight
That sure is one scarey slide ride!!

Jokes Inc. Funny Jokes Funny

Relationship Book
submitted by: william

"My wife suggested a book for me to read
The Frog
submitted by: AnnMarie

A guy was walking beside a pond.....
Nerd, Nude & Bike
submitted by: Jamie

A nerd was walking on campus one day...
submitted by: midnight

There is a chain gang and they are digging a treanch...
At the Dentist
submitted by: Suzie

A woman goes into a dentist's office.....
Ice Fishing
submitted by: AnnMarie

An old man cut a hole in the ice...
Bad Santa
submitted by: William

A little girl asked santa....
Still A Virgin
submitted by: Jamie

"Father, how am I going to tell my husband...
No Great Loss
submitted by: Jamie

Bill Clinton is visiting a school....
Army Roll Call
submitted by: William

It was early morning at an Army camp.....
Proud Texan Father
submitted by: Jamie

A Texan bought a round of drinks for all in the bar...
3 Guys in a Pickup Truck
submitted by: linacapuy

There were 3 guys in the back of a pick up truck, four wheeling on the cliffs at Yokohama Bay Oahu.
Darn Lawyers
submitted by: RockyB

Two lawyers, Jon and Amanpreet....
Blonde 1 Liners
submitted by: midnight

I knew a blonde that was so stupid that...........

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