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Baby's first crawl
submitted by: William
Baby's first crawl with her dog
Talking Twinkie
submitted by: Jamie
Random crazy stuff
Heather Martin Sings
submitted by: AnnMarie
Heather Martin - When Are You Coming Home
Really Big Machines
submitted by: Chuckie
These are some amazing BIG machines
submitted by: tumba
What would you do if you saw suicide girl?
Frog sits like Human
submitted by: tallwill
This is real A frog sitting on a bench hanging out
Early Bird Night Owl
submitted by: Suzie
Early Birds vs Night Owls
Prince William baby
submitted by: za3ttot
Royal baby seen in public for first time

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Fat Ho Elderly Cent
submitted by: Jamie
I guess they've gotta have somewhere to retire
Fury Keyboard
submitted by: Suzie
What is all that fur for??
Girls Soccer
submitted by: William
Obviously played a bit different in other countries
Drunk with Friends-3
submitted by: midnight
A new found friend
Squirrel & Rabbit
submitted by: RockyB
This little squirrel wants a friend
Wine glass trick
submitted by: Chris
Looks like some sort of tribal ritual
Funny little Car
submitted by: william
This car is smaller than a beetle bug
Cute Little Puppy
submitted by: Jamie
What a cute little sleeping pup

Jokes Inc. Funny Jokes Funny

submitted by: AnnMarie

Q: How many musicians does it take....
Dead Donkey
submitted by: Marcus

A man bought a donkey from an old farmer for $100.....
The Typewriter
submitted by: Chris

A husband and wife decided they needed to use code...
Cowboy Joe
submitted by: AnnMarie

Cowboy Joe was telling his fellow cowboys...
100th Birthday
submitted by: Marcus

Grandpa was celebrating his 100th birthday...
Taste Test
submitted by: midnight

A teacher was having a tasting day...
The motorcycle ride
submitted by: Chuckie

It was Paddy and Seamus giving the motorcycle a ride....
Do The Dishes
submitted by: Chris

Roger is buying his cousin's used motorcycle...