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Jokes Incorporated! -- Workplace Humor, Funny Jokes, Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, Magic, Optical Illusions from At Work and

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Jokes Inc. Funny Videos Funny

Dog Guards Bike
submitted by: Suzie
This dog watches over the owners bike while he is away
Hiding a Body
submitted by: midnight
How to dispose of a body Shut Up Cartoons
Cubicle of Love
submitted by: dimondvision
Inter-office romance in musical form.
Cool Magnet Trick
submitted by: AnnMarie
Cool Magnet Trick Needles Suspended in mid-air
Cane Toad Road
submitted by: William
Two cane toads sit on a road at night as a car approaches...
Quadrotor MachineGun
submitted by: tallwill
Here's a flying machine gun. Like a toy with a wallop
Pug in the Tub
submitted by: Chuckie
Barry the Pug takes a bath
Bored at the Office
submitted by: Marcus
This guy plays with a hacky sack amazing
Lion tries eat baby
submitted by: Chuckie
Maybe the baby shouldn't dress like a Zebra
Cubing Out
submitted by: robfelsnik
Reasons why you hate your job. Animated for your protection.

Jokes Inc. Funny Pics Funny

Bush in New Orleans
submitted by: RockyB
Here's George W surveying the damage In New Orleans!
Best Action Figure
submitted by: therapist
Go Rocky Go
Wrinkled Dogs
submitted by: Chris
How funny are these wrinkled dogs
Nice Flowerpot
submitted by: RockyB
What a good way to recycle old computers
submitted by: JimW
Before and After: Norman Rockwell Goes Redneck
Karate School
submitted by: william
Who would ever guess??
Run Away From Home
submitted by: AnnMarie
Yes your parents will thank You
Men's Room Walls
submitted by: Cheryl
Here's an unusual decoration on the wall of the men's rooms.
Sexy Oranges
submitted by: Chris
Ohhhh! those are oranges
Hollywood 2037
submitted by: Suzie
Justin Timberlake
Paddington Gets Tank
submitted by: Chris
Poor little drunk Bear
Obscene Tree
submitted by: midnight
Watch that bird on the tree
Devil Cat Costume
submitted by: Jamie
The perfect look for frisky felines
Holy Cow!
submitted by: Chuckie
Low calorie beef...

Jokes Inc. Funny Jokes Funny

Pay Attention
submitted by: Jamie

First-year students at Med School were receiving....
Moses and Jesus Golf
submitted by: Middie

Moses, Jesus and an old man are golfing.
Finnegans wife
submitted by: Chris

Finnegans wife had been killed ....
Programers Wisdom
submitted by: William

Every program has at least one bug.....
Which girlfriend?
submitted by: RockyB

I had three girlfriends....
Mans Soup
submitted by: Marcus

In a restaurant, a man ordered soup...
The Cowboy and the Old Pioneer
submitted by: william

While riding one day, a cowboy met an Old Pioneer riding his pony along with a dog and a sheep...
Blondes and Cops
submitted by: st3v3o

3 women are runnin away from the cops and....
Golfer vs Fisherman
submitted by: William

What's the difference between....
One Shot
submitted by: shaddow100

A man walks into a gun shop and asks to buy a gun.
Another Blind Man
submitted by: Jamie

A blind man and his guide dog were shopping.....
The Perfect Husband
submitted by: william

A man's at the country club locker room with his buddies when the cell phone rings...
Barbie Babies
submitted by: RockyB

Why doesn't Barbie have babies?
New Family driver
submitted by: Chuckie

Martin had just received his brand new drivers license....

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