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White Lion Cub
submitted by: TallWill50
Newborn white lion cub very cute
Gifted Police Artist
submitted by: AureateFilms
The two best cops in LA use unconventional methods.
Ninja Cat
submitted by: William
Kittie sneaks up without moving
Ipad Cat
submitted by: AnnMarie
Cat plays with a iPad
Pug in the Tub
submitted by: Chuckie
Barry the Pug takes a bath
Side Show Mel
submitted by: Marcus
OUCH! 96 year old side show performer
No Boudaries
submitted by: William
A stop motion animation
Moving heads dogs
submitted by: RockyB
Pugs move their heads when questioned

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Balancing Act
submitted by: Jamie
Check out all the furniture that is being balanced
Naked Fireman
submitted by: Marcus
Ha Ha Fooled you!
Cool Dots Illusion
submitted by: William
Stare at the middle and watch the dots disappear
Cat Bath
submitted by: midnight
Mommy and baby taking a bath together
Alien Man
submitted by: Chris
Check out the pretty painting on his back
Pretty Bird
submitted by: Chris
Don't hide your head little bird
The secrets of life
submitted by: Midnight
Check out the composite of funny pictures
Which Corner
submitted by: Jamie
I wonder if you can get this from Mapquest!

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Go Team
submitted by: lpbatista

A mets fan, a Yankees fan, and a Redsox fan are walking up
Sons More Successful
submitted by: AnnMarie

Four men got together to play golf one sunny morning....
Rat Statue
submitted by: Chuckie

A tourist walks into a curio shop .....
Turkey Help
submitted by: RockyB

Gobbler said, "Doctor, help me! I can't stop acting like a..
Cowboy Bar
submitted by: William

A man walked into a cowboy bar and ordered a beer.....
About Wifes
submitted by: William

I take my wife everywhere, but she keeps finding her way...
82 year old man
submitted by: KarenSue

An 82 year old man marries an 18 year old woman....
Looking Good
submitted by: Chuckie

While her husband was lying down....