FUNNY JOKES from Jokes Incorporated!
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FUNNY JOKES from Jokes Incorporated!
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Doctors Life #5
submitted by: Chris

patient's two week follow-up appointment....
The Pope Goes For a Drive
submitted by:

On his way to the airport the Pope asks his driver if he can try driving the limo...
Have You ever wondered?
submitted by: Chris

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you....
Preacher & the Flood
submitted by: charles

A preacher was giving his sermon when it started raining hard
Aging man
submitted by: Suzie

An aging man lived alone in Ireland....
Police Car
submitted by: Marcus

On a narrow mountain road a man sees a police car...
Dad will never say
submitted by: Chuckie

Top Ten Things You'll Never Hear a Dad Say....
Naughty Child
submitted by: midnight

A boss wondered why one of his most valued employees....
Heaven's Punishment
submitted by: Marcus

Three friends die and go to heaven....
Old Married Couple
submitted by: William

A couple had been married for 50 years.....
Priests On Vacation
submitted by: Midnight

Two priests decided to go to Hawaii on vacation...
A Man and His Son
submitted by: lozzy18

A man and his son were walking down the road...
Tle Local Judge
submitted by: Chris

The local District Judge had given the defendant a lecture .
No longer a kid
submitted by: Marcus

You know you're no longer a kid when...
blondes and cars
submitted by: cheerut7

two blindes were locked out of there car
Halloween Jokes #5
submitted by: KarenSue

What do birds give out on Halloween night?
Prince Charles
submitted by: RockyB

Prince Charles was driving around his mother's estate....
On the road too long
submitted by: Marcus

A trucker who has been out on the road for two weeks...
Glad to be drunk
submitted by: KarenSue

A completely inebriated man was stumbling down the street...