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2 blondes on a camel

Submitted by: st3v3o

2 blondes went to work in a brand new car that nobody else had. But when they left work every car in the parking lot was the same. So the 2 blondes waited untill all the cars were gone and only theirs was left.

As they were driving blonde says to the other: we have to go to work tommorow in something that nobody else has."

So the next day the blondes go to work on a camel..But of course when they left work that evening..everyone else had a camel... So they couldn't find THEIR camel

So one of the blondes starts to lift up all the camels tails. Finally the other blonde asks "what are you doing"..And the first blonde replies

"Well, on the way to work today i heard someone say, look at those two assholes on that camel"

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