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Playful Bears
submitted by: RockyB
Check out these guys they cannot get enough snow
Falling Car
submitted by: William
Is that a person in the window??
Beware of
submitted by: William
Trespassers will be eaten!
Cat & Kitten
submitted by: AnnMarie
Mommy Cat with her Baby
Irish Pudding
submitted by: midnight
What is the name of this pudding??
Wrong Turn
submitted by: Chuckie
Perfect reason not to use a cell phone while driving
Brave Cat
submitted by: William
Watch out little kitty the big bad boys will get you
3M Security Glass
submitted by: Carol
3M manufactures an unbreakable glass...
Painted Baby
submitted by: Jamie
What else are big brothers good for?
Mouse Bread
submitted by: Chris
All this sandwich needs is a little cheese!!
Wal Mart Sign
submitted by: William
This is probably sad but true
What's her name?
submitted by: William
No more 1st night stand worries
Thats a Big Cat
submitted by: Chris
This cat is so big it's unbelievable
Go to Bathroom
submitted by: Suzie
Too late she does not need the bathroom
Budget Bath
submitted by: William
How to train a conservationist
Oh God Oh God
submitted by: midnight
Get your but out of bed and go to church
Redneck Door Lock
submitted by: Alma
I need a car alarm!
Funny Costume
submitted by: AnnMarie
Guess what this kid is dressed up as? Sick!
McDonalds Sign
submitted by: william
Adults only McDonalds Sign
Yard Sale
submitted by: Jamie
Wow that is a first
Funny Horse
submitted by: Suzie
She did not want a horse...
Clean Cat
submitted by: KarenSue
This Kitty is not having fun!
Randy C3PO
submitted by: therapist
Is it just me or does the droid C3PO seem excited...
Horsy Cat
submitted by: William
Get me a saddle so I can ride this horse!!!
Weird House #2
submitted by: Chuckie
Must have had a couple drinks when they made this house
Best Friends
submitted by: Marcus
What a cute dog and his little kitty friend
Funny Names
submitted by: Chris
Check out these guys last names
Aint Love Grand
submitted by: William
Look at the grumpy old couple
submitted by: therapist
A million different uses!!!
A New Tatoo
submitted by: Steve
Here a fancy redneck tatoo

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