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Lazy Dog DaysLazy Dog Days
submitted by: KarenSue
To be so lucky to have nothing to do
Drunk RatDrunk Rat
submitted by: William
Who needs cheese when there is Beer
Home Alone with MJHome Alone with MJ
submitted by: midnight
Now THAT'S something to be afraid of!
submitted by: William
It will be tricky to park the car in the garage
Body ArtBody Art
submitted by: william
Check out this beautiful back
submitted by: KarenSue
Toothbrush & toilet paper
Best FamilyBest Family
submitted by: william
What happened to Mom's Head??
Body Art #3Body Art #3
submitted by: william
Check out the neat Elephant
Big DogBig Dog
submitted by: RockyB
The biggest dog that you have ever seen
Campbell KidsCampbell Kids
submitted by: RockyB
Get in the kitchen now woman
MileyCyrus & Fatman!MileyCyrus & Fatman!
submitted by: poshtottie09
my friends nearly fainted when they saw how fat the man was!
Sleeping PuppySleeping Puppy
submitted by: Jamie
He is just catching his zzz's
Chinese Funny PuzzleChinese Funny Puzzle
submitted by: William
Try pulling the corner of your eyes to see magic
Beware ofBeware of
submitted by: William
Trespassers will be eaten!
Cat RulesCat Rules
submitted by: Chuckie
Check out the size of the beds
Redneck Mail BoxRedneck Mail Box
submitted by: AnnMarie
No more clean clothes for them now!