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submitted by: Suzanne
The redneck operatin' system
Collapsed DogCollapsed Dog
submitted by: Marcus
Check out the doggie blanket
Only in HawaiiOnly in Hawaii
submitted by: Chuckie
This could only happen in Hawaii
Drunk with Friends-5Drunk with Friends-5
submitted by: Chris
You must have REALLY passed out.
Water BoyWater Boy
submitted by: Jamie
Way cool water mouth little boy
Stone Age ComputerStone Age Computer
submitted by: RockyB
Fred Flinstones Pentium
Soldier Guy ShredsSoldier Guy Shreds
submitted by: Suzie
Bucket o Soldiers Guy flips skateboard
submitted by: RockyB
Cartoon dog giggles
Fallen Fire TruckFallen Fire Truck
submitted by: Chuckie
Call the fire department... oh...
Plane LandingPlane Landing
submitted by: Chris
Guys you had better think about moving like fast...
Matching Man & DogMatching Man & Dog
submitted by: Chuckie
Who has the longest nose man or dog??
Beautiful CountrysidBeautiful Countrysid
submitted by: midnight
Good view for the dead people
Pocket KittyPocket Kitty
submitted by: midnight
It doesn't get any cuter
Crazy Little DogCrazy Little Dog
submitted by: Marcus
Please be my friend
Now thats a Big FrogNow thats a Big Frog
submitted by: Chris
And they say they taste like chicken...
I donI don't Sleep Mom
submitted by: william
To Much Homework is not a good thing