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Floating BedFloating Bed
submitted by: william
How comfortable would this bed be
Gingerbread HouseGingerbread House
submitted by: Chris
Perfect Redneck gingerbread house!
Wrinkled DogsWrinkled Dogs
submitted by: Chris
How funny are these wrinkled dogs
Kitty TailKitty Tail
submitted by: Marcus
This Kitty does not look very happy at all!!
A Big PigA Big Pig
submitted by: William
Another Hogzilla can we say BBQ?
George the monkeyGeorge the monkey
submitted by: KarenSue
Amazing the amazing likeness....
Freak AccidentFreak Accident
submitted by: William
Talk about a bad break.
Cup OCup O' Kitty
submitted by: Marcus
I will have my kitty on ice please
Muscle MenMuscle Men
submitted by: William
look at all the pumped up men
Killer BraKiller Bra
submitted by: AnnMarie
Thank God it wasn't a jock strap!
Great MustachesGreat Mustaches
submitted by: RockyB
Cleaning those things must be a chore!
Shave Cream HeadShave Cream Head
submitted by: Chuckie
Never be so drunk you don't know what is happening
Belly ButtonBelly Button
submitted by: Frankie
It's Spring and young women are showing their belly buttons...
Sniper CatSniper Cat
submitted by: midnight
Sure hope he has good aim!
Girl PowerGirl Power
submitted by: Suzie
Is this girl,power or roll power???
Good to be a womanGood to be a woman
submitted by: RockyB
Yes Please make my friends fat