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Grampa &  GrammaGrampa & Gramma
submitted by: RockyB
Watch Gramps pulling Gramma
Mad CatMad Cat
submitted by: RockyB
Watch out, this is one scary kitty
Alien ManAlien Man
submitted by: Chris
Check out the pretty painting on his back
Cat BathCat Bath
submitted by: midnight
Mommy and baby taking a bath together
Aint Love GrandAint Love Grand
submitted by: William
Look at the grumpy old couple
Redneck White HouseRedneck White House
submitted by: Diana
What happens after Bush moves out
Drunk with Friends-4Drunk with Friends-4
submitted by: Marcus
Forget your shoes?
submitted by: therapist
A million different uses!!!
Sliced Eggs??Sliced Eggs??
submitted by: KarenSue
Start your day with some sliced eggs
Elderly Jug BandElderly Jug Band
submitted by: William
Senior citizens get down.
Mouse BreadMouse Bread
submitted by: Chris
All this sandwich needs is a little cheese!!
Hire This LawyerHire This Lawyer
submitted by: AnnMarie
Would you hire this lawyer?
Hot DogHot Dog
submitted by: Jamie
Yum my favorite!! hot dogs with mustard
Paddle StorePaddle Store
submitted by: midnight
Up $#it Creek?
Country Technology #2Country Technology #2
submitted by: Tonyboy
Here are more computer terms for country folk.
Redneck PresidentRedneck President
submitted by: William
If rednecks voted we'd have real a president!