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Really Big Machines
These are some amazing BIG machines
Your Brain Lies
These are tests that show your brain is not accurate
Omegle Dog Prank
Pervert Pete pranks Omegle people with his dog, Pecker!
Worst Parking Exit
This is frustrating! Driver tries to exit parking space!
The Talking Goat
Went to feed animals and came across the talkative goat
Ellen's Dance Dares
Dance near someone who is not looking
10 Best Jumps
amazing jumps
News Anchor Fail 2
These are funny out takes from the news
Corddry on
Rob Corddry Hits the Couch on "Anytime with Bob Kushell"
Auto Robots
Robots build themselves and have a mind of their own
Humanoid Robots
Watch these humanoid robots fight. Amazing
Crazy Bike
The bike rides itself
Extreme Proposal
Guy asks his girl to marry him - in a unique way.
Lyre Bird Imitates
Amazing! Bird sounds like camera chainsaw car alarm
Lion tries eat baby2
A better video of the lion trying to eat baby through glass
Dog Guards Bike
This dog watches over the owners bike while he is away
My Cubicle Parody
Parody of "your Beautiful"
Worlds Best Bartende
Amazing bartender juggles bottle and drinkd
Dog and Cat
Very funny! fat cat & cute dog playing
Close CallPedestrian
This lady alomost gets hit. Stupid driver
Cat Fights Monkey
This is very cute A very patient cat
How To Be Lazy
How To Be Lazy Around The House And Get Away With It
Solar System & Stars
This Is Mind Blowing!
BasebalTriple Steal
Three stolen vases including home
Amazing Humans
Most amazing humans in the world
Asleep at the Wheel
The CGI doesn't look that convincing...
Marriage Proposal
60 friends create an astounding lip sync proposal
Meals on Heels
Gundarr episode
Otters Holding Hands
Adorable sea otters holding hands
11 YO BBall Phenom
THis kid is amazing and he's only 11!

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