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Stuck in a Toilet
Very funny dude gets trapped in a porta potty
Tetris On Building
Wow playing tetris with the windows at MIT
Remove Your Mustache
Man tries funny ways to remove his mustache
No Boudaries
A stop motion animation
Lyre Bird Imitates
Amazing! Bird sounds like camera chainsaw car alarm
Birth ti 12 Years
Time lapse of girl from baby to preteen
Puppy vs Mirror
My Mini Dacshund Puppy Playing with a mirror...
Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris on's Anytime w/ Bob Kushell
Puppy and Ice Cube
Watch a puppy as he learns what ice is
Talking Twinkie
Random crazy stuff
Heather Martin Sings
Heather Martin - When Are You Coming Home
Name that 80's movie
Name that 80's movie.
Solar System & Stars
This Is Mind Blowing!
Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge/Shot Glass
Moving heads dogs
Pugs move their heads when questioned
Otters Holding Hands
Adorable sea otters holding hands
Early Bird Night Owl
Early Birds vs Night Owls
Optical Illusions
How many of these work for you?
One Direction Parody
What Makes You Beautiful! Key of Awesome
Cat Fights Monkey
This is very cute A very patient cat
Vine Compilation 1
Put in the comments your favorite VINE
Strong Passwords
Make strong and easy to remember passwords
Extreme Proposal
Guy asks his girl to marry him - in a unique way.
Scarface meets the Muppets (NSFW so lower volume ;-))
Pug in the Tub
Barry the Pug takes a bath
Quadrotor MachineGun
Here's a flying machine gun. Like a toy with a wallop
Cane Toad Road
Two cane toads sit on a road at night as a car approaches...
1950's Girl Gone Wil
The Girls gone Wild franchise had some cool ads in the 1950s
Expose Your Balls!
Firefly's Alan Tudyk Victimized by Lobster on Weird Webcast

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