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I hope that you enjoy At Work and and I thank you for telling all your friends about it. I really enjoy collecting and writing the material for it -- it's truly a labor of love.

But I also make money with the site. The entertainment that you receive and my effort creating it are paid for through various advertising systems that I use.

If you have a site now or you are interested in putting up a site, here are some suggestions for various ways to enhance your earnings potential. I use these and recommend them to you. And good luck in this new frontier we call the Internet!


WEBSITE PUBLISHERS! - DISPLAY BANNER ADS! The best company I've found for displaying BANNER ADS on your site is FASTCLICK. The great thing about them is that they pay you a whopping 65% of the revenue that they receive for the ads that they show. They pay on a COST-PER-CLICK (CPC) or a COST-PER-THOUSAND (CPM) basis and since they receive 35% of the revenue they are motivated to keep the rates as high as possible. They pay by the 25th of the month for the previous month and they pay like clockwork-- very reliable.

They go out and sell ad space to advertisers and then they divide these ads among their publishers. There is very little unsold ad space so you are earning money with each page you serve. You can filter the ad types to exclude ads you don't want and they present the most lucrative ads first so you always earn the most for each ad displayed.

You just sign up and paste their ad code on your pages and they do the rest. There are also reports so that you can track the effectiveness of each ad category and ad. They work with smaller sites and giants. So give FASTCLICK a try!

WEBSITE ADVERTISERS! You can also use FASTCLICK to get your message on the internet through FASTCLICK's network of over 30,000 websites. So give FASTCLICK a try!


WEBSITE PUBLISHERS! - AFFILIATE PROGRAM! You can't fill all of your ad space with CPC and CPM ads so you need a company that can provide alternative (default) ads. ADREPORTING is a good choice for that company. It's a PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE program which means you earn money when the reader clicks on the ad and buys something or fills out a lead form.

And ADREPORTING keeps track of which programs are most successful so you can pick the advertisers that are likely to earn you the most money. The products they feature are products that are often inquired about through Internet so you get a good CLICK-THROUGH-RATE They are very reliable about payment. So give them a try.



Join the TrafficZap Exchange

WEBSITE PUBLISHERS! - INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC! Here's a great way to increase traffic to your site. This is a page exchange system. When your website loads TRAFFICZAP loads another webmasters page under yours (a POPUNDER). For every two pages you load, TRAFFICZAP loads your home page under another publishers site -- a 2-1 ratio.

You can also buy popunders of your site for as low as 0.3 cents per exposure. This system has a very high CLICK-THROUGH-RATE of over 6% so a lot of people will click through and visit your entire site. So give TRAFFICZAP a try. And watch your traffice grow.



Design and Sell Merchandise Online for FreeWEBSITE PUBLISHERS! YOUR OWN CUSTOM MERCHANDISE! Have you noticed At Work and's Online Store? I wanted to sell products with the site's mascots -- Joe Webb and Carla -- on various merchandise: coffee mugs, T-shirts, mouse pads, etc. But the hassle of creating the products, stocking inventory, taking secure credit card sales and shipping product rapidly were way to much to handle.

Enter They allow you to sell great products with none of these problems. They stock all of the merchandise and they create your high quality products one at a time as your customers order them! All you do is sign up and upload your artwork (they have great help pages to explain the art specs for each item).

CafePress takes the order, manufactures and ships the product and pays you for each sale. They set a base price for each item and you determine how much of a markup you want. The difference between your marked-up price and the base price is your commission. And they have an amazing selection of products: clothing, posters, calendars even CDs and Books! The Basic Shop is free and the Premium Shop costs as low as 4.99 a month and allows you to customize the shop to match your site and have as many different products as you desire. Just create your art and you're in business. So check out You'll be glad you did!


Switch to for web hosting WEBSITE PUBLISHERS! - HERE'S A GREAT WEB HOSTING COMPANY. If you've been doing this Internet thing for any time now you've probably been through several web hosting companies. I know I have. Sure you want a low price for a lot of disk space and bandwidth. But you don't want to sacrifice reliability and good customer service. After a lot of research I switched to IMHOSTED.COM. What makes them better?

First of all, reliability! They have a remarkable uptime of 99.998% It translates to less than 35 seconds of downtime per month!There's no sense in saving a few dollars on your host if your site is down for an hour every few days or your e-mail is delayed or returned. They even guarantee 99.5% uptime! The technical and billing assistance is excellent and they speak English so it's easy to communicate with them. I've never had difficulties getting quick answers to questions.

Their price for disk space and bandwidth is competitve (and you can rollover unused bandwidth). So if you're frustrated with your present host give IMHOSTED.COM. a try. And if you're brand new to the net -- why not start out right? Try IMHOSTED.COM. You'll be glad you did!


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