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attentive  Aquarius

Week of  Monday 19th of October

Seek Meditation and Quiet Strength.

This week starts off with a conflict of interests, Aquarius. Someone in your life doesn't understand how you tick and you really do not understand how they tock. Time to look up the work compromise - and act on it.

As Wednesday rolls around, strife with someone at home will be on your mind. There comes a time to break the cycle. Let it start with you. Should you do this, Thursday will be a breeze at the office and at home. Let it go.

By the end of the workweek you'll discover a discretion against you. All is not lost, though -- should you stay calm and really make a plan to overcome the problem. Nevertheless, verbal misunderstandings are likely with higher ups. Best to lay low in that department, if possible. Otherwise, be tactful and respectful.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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