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attractive  Aquarius

Week of  Monday 21st of August

Watch Your Schedule ... Do Not Overbook.

You'll be reminiscing this week, Aquarius. Monday try to focus on happy memories and don't let it turn to lethargy. If you can, find an old friend you have great times with and rekindle the friendship! It may be quite fun!

No fretting, Aquarius, by Wednesday, you can come out of your room and face the world again. You're more likely to understand now. As the last of the workweek rolls around, expect more fun and less work.

New colleagues may also have some insight since they are not yet fully caught up in the politics. Keep an open door, particularly as the workweek winds down. Saturday and Sunday should be relaxing or fun - or both! Stay close to pleasant people who make you happy and forget the office for a change.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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