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adorable  Aquarius

Week of  Monday 3rd of July

Watch For Deceit. Do Something Romantic.

People really adore you, Aquarius. You're sensitive to others and in turn, they find you comforting. Monday others will seek you out, listen to them and don't turn the conversation to a conversation about you.

As Wednesday rolls around, strife with someone at home will be on your mind. There comes a time to break the cycle. Let it start with you. Should you do this, Thursday will be a breeze at the office and at home. Let it go.

You've been over-doing it a bit, too. Consider a mental health day Thursday or Friday. Impossible? Go home right after work, take a hot bath, meditate and/or pray. If you're involved, have your partner join you. Some sensual massage would do the trick and bring you closer. Saturday it will all wash away and be quite pleasant.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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