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adorable  Aquarius

Week of  Monday 16th of July

Focus yourself. Appreciate your family and friends.

Watch your spending early this week. You did enough damage last week, Aquarius. Admit it. Do some research and find all the free things you can do and still have fun. Ask some friends for their ideas, too.

Wednesday you're ready to move forward; even though everyone else is content right where they are. Watch for raining on the parade of others; they have a right to have a quiet time when it is needed.

Friday finish up all the work at the office to allow a less stressful weekend and avoid a headache Monday morning. Saturday grab all your friends and forgot about everything business. In short, don't worry be happy. It's a great escape, anyway. Sunday the party continues, although you can bring it home with a barbecue.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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