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attentive  Aquarius

Week of  Tuesday 18th of September

Do Some Self Discovery.

Aquarius, if you can, find a day this week to use as a personal day. You need it. If you must be at work, especially early on -- put out your "Do Not Disturb" sign for a day or two. Eat healthy and avoid stimulants as they will only make it worse.

As hump day rolls around, the stress will ease down and the pressure can be put away. Now, you can calmly make your plans for all the little details you must accomplish the end of this first month of 2006.

Friday and Saturday brings more love days. It is moving along well. Let it have it's own agenda, though. You've put it out there and now it will manifest. In all matters this weekend use you mind and keep your emotions balanced and controlled. There's a good explanation.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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