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attractive  Aquarius

Week of  Monday 25th of April

Be Adventurous in Business and Love

Aquarius, are you ready for a hot week?! You better be! Early on, Cupid may strike you hard. Although it will be fun, too. Single? Now is the time to find him or her and really go for it! You know what you want, don't delay and don't hesitate.

Teamwork becomes your keyword by midweek. Take on an ally in whatever you are doing. You will also feel more light-hearted around this time because the pressure and standstills have ended. Nostaglia takes over as the workweek is about to end. You'll feel a need to hang out with old buddies and even involve them in your business. It's a good time as you are quite the salesperson right now.

You'll realize many people are sharing their thoughts, especially on Friday. You many discover some interesting facts about others. Sunday is for the two of you, or the family. Keep it simple and stay near home - a family backyard barbeque is perfect this time of year.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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