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attentive  Aquarius

Week of  Monday 19th of April

Don't be put off by change. All is well.

Early this week, you need to begin recording your life. Trust me, it will make for an interesting read later, Aquarius. In fact, it could even make you some money in the not-to-distant future. Ever thought about writing your life story?

Wednesday is excellent for collecting on debts. Take along a good friend to help with tact. Thursday a quiet romantic dinner will be soothing to a long-term relationship and excellent for a new relationship.

The end of the week may find you in a state of confusion, still. Sometimes you just have to let things go. It doesn't mean forever, you know. I'm talking about just for the week! Anyway, it may only be one or two days. The weekend often holds magic if you'll patiently allow it. Expect miracles!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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