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amenable  Aries

Week of  Monday 27th of March

Note Your Victories!

It will be a little sticky this week, Aries. No matter how rough it seems, though, it will turn out very well. Monday you'll want to keep things balanced at work. Yes, you do know what's best. Avoid confrontation while others state their opinions. Then come in with your brilliant plan. Don't let egotistical people irritate you. Make a wide berth if you see them coming.

Unfortunately, if you use the same tactics at the office - you will lose the war. As much as you don't want to face it, you need to remember it. Kindness wins friends more often than force.

Friday be aware of the details in contracts and your work. A small problem can become a huge one. Saturday and Sunday, if the work is complete, relax and pursue more pleasurable matters - i.e. romantic outings with your significant other or good times with the family.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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