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amenable  Aries

Week of  Monday 16th of July

Practice Living Your Dreams.

Aries, you are the lucky one this week. Monday you'll get a lot done. You really need to tie up all those loose ends and gather it all together before the pile gets too high to navigate.

Wednesday is about relationships on the home front. Circumstances are changing and you have to be prepared, financially especially; someone has to move on or start to carry their fair share. Be respectful, of course, but bold. Say what you need to say and stop. Don't be defensive.

Enjoy this time and be in love -- or in "fun"! You can have a 'normal' life anytime. In all areas you can express your thoughts, too. Do stop for a while, though, around hump day and eavesdrop ... ok, listen, to what others are saying. Be flexible through the weekend, there is a possibility of abrupt and unexpected changes.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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