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ambitious  Aries

Week of  Monday 30th of March

You must keep the peace ...

You can make changes on Monday, Aries. Take a step in the unknown if offered. If you're not quite ready, do some serious inquiring on Monday and Tuesday to see if the change is advantageous.

By Wednesday you'll want to act more. No longer feeling as down, your get up and go will finally return a bit. Thursday it continues and you can get a lot of work finished now. If you do feel down, do some volunteer work for a friend and it will lift.

Be creative for the rest of the week. Pull out your brushes, clay, canvas or pencils and create what comes to mind. Invite a romantic partner out to bring inspiration. Think of something unusual to do... i.e. a dinner cruise or a wine-tasting day trip. Even a dinner theatre evening if it's new for you two!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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