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clever  Cancer

Week of  Monday 26th of June

Be Firm and Follow Your Intuition.

At work, Cancer, you will have to be careful with standing up for yourself. Being defensive with higher-ups will cost you a lot more than your pride, particularly over small matters. It's going to be a busy Monday. But, what's new? You're up for the challenge; in fact, you've become quite an expert at handling tight, fast-paced schedules. Don't look for anything to come easy on Monday.

Tuesday through Thursday, mind the details at the office. Nothing will be completed or done well without every single step being taken. This includes your own personal goals -- write them out and make solid step-by-step plans.

After Friday, business will slow down considerably. Misunderstandings are more likely. Focus on your work and stay out of any situations that don't directly affect you. Saturday and Sunday get all those home projects finished -- make it a fun event that the whole family can join in on!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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