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compassionate  Cancer

Week of  Monday 19th of April

Work on Your Dream Projects.

Read the fine print, Cancer. Make sure you know the details of any contracts or projects before signing or saying yes. This is especially true on Monday. Tuesday will be almost as stressful. Sorry.

Thursday, your talents will be called upon for contract talks and complicated mergers, etc. Any downtime you can use this focused time to get your books in order, or double-check your numbers. Friday, continue the editing; if you've missed anything, you'll be able to find it now.

Friday is a great day to spend time with a special someone. Even a long phone conversation or a lazy even chatting will do your soul good. By Saturday, a whole new life may emerge or, let me say, submerge you in love! If you haven't notice, someone really loves you - and it will be clear this weekend.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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