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clever  Cancer

Week of  Monday 18th of September

Don't Overbook Yourself. Express Yourself.

Cancer, Monday you're ready to make changes at work. Tuesday you have a wonderful flow of energy to do it all. Keep it all in the planning stage, nevertheless, until all the pieces are in place. Then go for it big time!

You'll have to let the Universe takes it course for much of this week. All the way through midweek, you'll have to try and keep your nose out of it. Feel free, of course, to use your mind in positive ways. Write, meditate, pray or draw.

By Friday, you'll realize that other people can be right, too. Let go of any anger and enjoy your loved ones. Get together with your best buddies Saturday night and forget your burdens. No need to carry grudges now, let it go and start anew - be in the here and now!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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