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capricious  Capricorn

Week of  Tuesday 13th of November

Embrace New Things.

Capricorn, this week will be challenging for you. If you never believed you were a moody sign -- this week you'll know you are! The best advice for you, through midweek (when it's at its worst) is to try calm exercises; i.e. meditation, journaling or therapy.

Wednesday, explore new things. Projects or a change in career are more likely to succeed! In love, be more adventurous and try some new techniques or positions; i.e. sensual massage, the Kama Sutra, role-playing, etc.

After this, until the weekend, it will be more challenging. Seek advice in those you trust to get your through it. Save the weekend for fun. A surge of energy will help you get a lot done. Perhaps some creative work will do your soul good? How long has it been since you entertained your inner child with finger painting? Might be fun!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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