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cunning  Capricorn

Week of  Monday 11th of March

Allow Yourself Time to Energize.

Capricorn, don't try so hard on everyone. Work more on being tactful and less critical. As much as you don't like it, it is all right to let things go sometime. Monday and Tuesday are critical. Any complaints will drive others away faster.

Don't complain Wednesday, just do what you must do; no matter how mundane. You will have reward later. Thursday, the planetary influence will be causing friction both at home and at the office. Get through it as you can.

By Friday, you'll be recognized for your accomplishments. Look for a raise or special prize of some sort. Saturday -- be adventurous with a loved one. If you must stay home, try something new and original. (i.e. buying a book on sensual massage; and using it!).

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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