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capricious  Capricorn

Week of  Tuesday 18th of September

Take Advantage of Opportunities Immediately!

Capricorn, call those old friends and catch up this Monday. By the weekend everyone will be busy. You'll mood will lighten by making contact, though. And you're a much better friend when you are happy.

Wednesday issues that crop up at the work place. By Thursday, you put some of your ideas into action, and give your business a big successful boost. You'll want to stick close to home, though, during off hours.

Friday has a great buzz to it and you'll find yourself wanting to work through the weekend. There's success at hand! If you do work at home, keep it low level and do relax. Sunday, you may feel frustrated, like you are forgetting something. It's a miracle on the horizon and you're just feeling it's magic. Relax and welcome any new opportunities.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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