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carefree  Capricorn

Week of  Monday 30th of March

Chat with old friend.

Back to one of your favorite keywords, Capricorn -- Patience! You'll need it on both Monday and Tuesday. Keep the utter frustration at bay by sticking close to home and utilizing what you already have in your grasp.

Hump day and Thursday will throw some frustrations at you, particularly at work. Not a lot you can do about, Capricorn, but just get through as calmly as possible. Once you're safe at home, take a nice relaxing bath.

Thursday through Saturday is time for a belated or early spring-cleaning. Throw out things, fast. The Universal law tells it all. In order to make room for new things, you have to "make room" by ridding yourself of the old. It's the only way to show the Universe you want new things in your life. In dealing with groups of people, make sure everyone participates and feels appreciated.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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