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gifted  Gemini

Week of  Monday 15th of January

Control Your Temper This Week.

Watch your spending Monday. Do some research and find all the free things you can do and still have fun. Ask some friends for their ideas, too. Tuesday go out with and actually do something fun, yet free or low-priced.

With everything caught up, you can party a bit as the week moves forward. Meet with buddies after work and round up some new people - for either romance or business purposes. Keep your eyes open for new lucrative opportunities.

Honesty and keeping an open mind and communication is the cure. This is a life-changing event and very important for your spiritual growth; you two are the stuff dreams are made of and makes lonely people nauseas (jealous). If you find yourself writing poetry or singing for no reason -- share the bliss with the world!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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