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gorgeous  Gemini

Week of  Monday 19th of October

Tie Up Loose Ends and Start Anew!

Gemini, don't be so picky or you'll always be alone! Monday and Tuesday especially; be open-minded and accepting of all you meet and know. In short, don't judge any book by its cover or you could let someone special get away.

Wednesday, hold your ground when others may accuse you of slacking. Look, your higher up and you know you haven't. Don't get too defensive, of course. Thursday, be firm and point out the truth. In short, you take the higher ground in all matters.

As you get things off your chest, nevertheless, don't take out your critiques on higher-ups at the workplace. Be extremely careful on Friday. The weekend grab that special someone again, and have a great time. Single? Go out there and find someone; perhaps the person of your dreams?

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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