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gorgeous  Gemini

Week of  Monday 15th of July

Watch Your Schedule ... Do Not Overbook.

On Monday and Tuesday, Gemini, go out and express your self. Speak your mind if someone puts you down, or pick up your camera and go out on the town picturing that which turns you on.

If you've let it go for a while, through Wednesday, you'd be wise to reconnect to a more spiritual side of yourself. You're in a good place to do it, too--ready to let go of all the old. Thursday, include a friend or two on your journey.

What you hear on Friday make have some real disastrous effects if you jump too quickly. Read everything through before signing any contracts or making agreements. In fact, wait until next week to make the final signatures. Hang out and discuss it with near and dear friends or family.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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