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gifted  Gemini

Week of  Monday 3rd of July

Give To Others. Expect Surprises!

Gemini, don't hold on so tight to things - purge that which is no longer useful. Have some close friends over for a chat. Monday will be a great day to resume writing, too, especially if you've fallen behind.

Wednesday, you'll be asked to give up something for an opportunity; do what you must and keep a good attitude. Thursday seek the chance to follow your dreams and make them reality; the planets are on your side starting today!

Now, do try to get some work done in the interim. In fact, work may have some setbacks and frustrations, which require your skills to solve them. Eat right so your energy doesn't wane when you need it most. And, of course, avoid too much sugar and caffeine products.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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