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gorgeous  Gemini

Week of  Sunday 18th of March

Ask For Help and Accept Offers.

Be bold and daring, Gemini! Skilled as you are at conversation?stop and listen. Yes, you know a lot, but not everything! This is especially true on Monday and Tuesday when you can also influence potential customers.

Tuesday and Wednesday brings a pleasant time; work is smooth and so is romance. Friday, expect some good news in your love life. A special gift from a significant other, or a date with the one you admire.

As the workweek ends you will also find a new accomplice... er, I mean, new friendship to join you on your journey of new discovery. A romance is highly possible. For those who are attached, a grand and long-time friend can come of this association. The weekend, single or otherwise, is perfect for passion and time together.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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