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lustrous  Leo

Week of  Monday 21st of May

Enjoy Some Strange Events.

Monday and Tuesday are all about love and romance for you, Leo. Involved? You have wide-open communication on your side. Discuss the future with him or her. Now is the time to make it or break it.

Hump day you'll get nostalgic and want to look at the old photo albums; while you're at it - write down your feelings in a journal. You'll want to remember this time. Thursday, put things away and get organized.

Friday, you'll find yourself feeling a little nostalgic. Don't fall into depression, nevertheless. Saturday, make future plans and put it on paper. Be in the moment and enjoy the gifts you have now. Sunday, put work aside, if at all possible and watch a favorite movie, or a new one, and relax.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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