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laughing  Leo

Week of  Tuesday 15th of January

Plan Your Actions to Success.

Keep it professional at work, Leo. This is not the time to be laid back and casual with co-workers or clients. Someone is watching and this could be problematic. At this time everything is more heightened, including anger.

Due to your talent, you will be an asset in any contract talks and complicated mergers, etc. Use downtime to get your books in order, or double-check your numbers. If you've missed anything, you'll find it now. You have just over a month to prepare for April 15th.

Then, as you thought it was going to be a lousy new year -- Friday brings a complete turn around! Suddenly, it's clear (at least, for now) and everyone is ready to celebrate! You may not be in the same mood. The best you can do is cheer them on and go camp out in your favorite spot.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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