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lustrous  Leo

Week of  Monday 27th of June

Seek Sales and Find The Bargains.

Leo, Monday is all business. This busy time will be nearly non-stop through Wednesday. It will seem this way, at least. You're doing well, nevertheless, and your ethics is impressive.

Wednesday, you'll find out some family secret. Keep it to yourself or change names and use it in a mystery novel you want to write. Thursday you will not gain any kudos for spilling any long held private matters.

The end of the workweek brings you peace and the letting go of the past. You'll be brighter and much happier and able to be "all there" for your current life. Saturday and Sunday will lead to or be romantic. Single people can meet a new love that really gets your juices flowing -- in a mental way. And hooked up people should just have lots of fun together.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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