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laughing  Leo

Week of  Tuesday 13th of November

Spend time outdoors. Use charm to get your way!

Leo, this is a challenging week. Emotions will be, at best, chaotic. Monday, Tuesday and even Wednesday, you should attempt to remain calm. Make all your massage and therapy appointments for these days.

By hump day and into Thursday, you have the mind power and confidence to do what you need to do. Make any changes now, there's not a better time. Gather a few friends and have a brainstorm session to make sure it's the best move.

As you get things off your chest, nevertheless, don't take out your critiques on higher-ups at the workplace. Be extremely careful on Friday. The weekend; grab that special someone again, and have a great time. Single? Go out there and find some prospects or just have fun.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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