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liberated  Libra

Week of  Monday 1st of June

Seek Spiritual Life, Unexpected Gain Arrives

What a wonderful world, huh Libra? Monday and Tuesday you realize how lovely life has been to you, lately - and you should celebrate this! Sure, keep the celebration close to home, just the same - Celebrate!

Wednesday utilize this charm to remind your employees and higher-ups how much you enjoy working with them. Thursday and Friday you'll see how this pays off when they do their best work, yet and your could move up in status and financially.

By Friday, you can relax for the rest of the week. If things aren't done, let it be; there's always next week. Sometimes you just have to take it easy. Use Saturday for family and friends and fun -- or just sleep in! Of course, if you're into it, personal finances and work around the house could be tackled now.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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