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loquacious  Libra

Week of  Monday 19th of October

Start Saving for the Big Things.

Libra, keep an eye on your spending. You are so tempted right now. Instead, invest in a savings plan or create one. Monday and Tuesday stay and home count your blessings and money.

From Tuesday to Thursday, do not dwell too much on the current situation or the past. It's time to start anew. Home will be a place of comfort from the stress of the office. Leave all the current problems right there, at the office and relax at home.

Saturday is a good time to focus on the family and things that need to be addressed domestically. When the evening comes upon you and through the end of the weekend, you can engage in some sensual fun with your significant other! Speaking of letting others help out; hire a babysitter and romance your special someone again

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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