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principled  Pisces

Week of  Monday 19th of September

Love Brings Fun and Frolic!

Expect a miracle, Pisces. Something really wonderful will happen for you Monday or Tuesday. You don't have to do anything, of course; only enjoy the outcome. It's a great time for romance; feel free to share it with someone.

Patience will get you the attention you seek, Tuesday. You'll be back to your old self by Wednesday. You may have to shake off a clinging fine on Thursday. You cannot complain too much, though; you brought it on yourself. Be gentle and slowly shake him or her off of you.

The weekend is all about balance. Before compromising, though, on any issue, do the research and find out what is the real issue. Particularly when it comes to friends and the issues they may bring to you. Sunday should be all about you. Do something you enjoy. If that includes doing work, go ahead. After taking of you, you can have a nice conversation with a loved one.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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