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pleasing  Pisces

Week of  Monday 22nd of May

Romance Him or Her and Two Find Success!

Early in the week someone is trying to force your hand. Don't be strong-armed into anything Pisces. Also dig into any mysteries now. It could be a rather exciting opportunity. You'll be disappointed or worse (broke) if you don't learn all the facts before jumping into anything.

By Wednesday, you'll be in a party mood. But, pace yourself. There are still a few days to finish up at work. Unless you're on vacation, you mustn't over-do it in spending money or partying too much.

By the weekend, you'll be ready for a luscious time with a special someone! Many relationships can become more intense now, too. Even marriages are favored this weekend! A romantic getaway to a Bed and Breakfast can liven up a relationship that is growing a big routine.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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