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superb  Sagittarius

Week of  Monday 13th of November

You're in a Good Mood, Share It and Enjoy!

A new person is entering your life, Sagittarius. It will be a change. Expect him or her on Monday or Tuesday. There will some beginning of a few little upheavals, too, starting early on. It's not as bad as it may appear. Stay calm.

Wednesday, it's important to be aware of all obligations. Through Thursday, absent-mindedness reigns supreme. Utilize e-mail, daily planners and memo's to keep everyone aware of developments and appointments.

Saturday and Sunday is about communication at home. Love is also highlighted now, so everything will work out. Work on settling everything nevertheless; you wan to enjoy the time together. Splurge on a romantic dinner at the best restaurant to show your love!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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