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suspicious  Sagittarius

Week of  Wednesday 30th of November

Keep Your Eye on Completion.

Move things in your direction, Sagittarius; the way is clear right on Monday. It doesn't mean it will happen immediately, of course - yet, you can get great things started with good planning and right action.

You'll come out really well, though, before and on Wednesday -- when you'll have many tasks completed and move quickly into the future! Office issues arise, though, be patient and hear everyone out before trying to solve the problems.

Be detail-oriented at the end of the workweek. Then have any and all work proofread. Sometime it only takes a small problem to become a huge one. Saturday and Sunday, should everything be finished, you can relax and pursue more pleasurable matters -- i.e. that new guy or girl you've been noticing as he or she notices you!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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