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sagacious  Sagittarius

Week of  Monday 18th of November

Speak Carefully. Read The Fine Print.

Sagittarius, you're on an emotional roller-coaster, suddenly. Monday and Tuesday will be when it sets in ...the good news, there are plenty of friends around to communicate your feeling with, and please do.

Wednesday you'll be the recipient of some enlightening news. It will give you a chance to re-think a situation. It's all-positive, nonetheless, and will be quite an experience of opening up for you.

If you feel like sleeping in one day, nevertheless, go ahead. As Friday will find you busier than a bee. Taking a breather may do you good. By Saturday and Sunday you can prepare for and/or expect a miracle or two. The Universe is on your side at this time, you've done your work and it's time to shine!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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