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sagacious  Sagittarius

Week of  Monday 24th of October

Be a loner until the weekend.

Sagittarius use your intuition Monday -- be the observer of your life. Sometimes you get too caught up in your own drama. Tuesday, it's all right to step back and watch it like an outsider every now and again.

By hump day, the new opportunity is already working for you. Look toward helping those, not necessarily in a financial way, in need. Especially after Wednesday, when you're all-inclusive nature calls you. Do you sing? Do artwork? Perhaps there are volunteer opportunities to use your talents for the under-privileged?

Friday through Sunday should be fun and loaded with too many invitations. Try to make time with everyone you can; particularly those you have neglected of late. Feel no guilt if you have to cancel visits with those you see more often, though. Even you cannot do it all!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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