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spectacular  Scorpio

Week of  Monday 26th of September

Clean up! And careful with your spending.

Scorpio, early this week you'll be love sick. What's happening, or not happening that has you down? Unfortunately, this is not the time to do anything extreme or even different. Stay calm and meditate your way through it. Don't argue.

It will turn out really well on Wednesday - when you'll have many projects completed and move quickly into the future! Office issues arise, Thursday, nevertheless; be patient and hear everyone before working on solutions.

Be a good friend and do take on any task you can to help a friend or co-worker. Plus, when opportunity knocks, don't be afraid to "put on a show" and bring on that smile to win some approval and seek what you desire. You'll get it, by the way! By the weekend you'll be ready to just buzzing out the world. Feel free, it's your weekend!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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