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skilled  Scorpio

Week of  Tuesday 18th of September

Watch your belongings...

It will easier for you on Monday, Scorpio. Seek the humor in all situations now, and you will find it easier. Of course, Tuesday, having a special someone help you along with the happiness, doesn't it?

Wednesday, unfortunately, some of this discontent could spill over to family and friends. You'll have to get tough at work, too. Others are slacking off - and it's time to nip it in the bud. Thursday, have a meeting.

By Friday, stress will hit you hard. Stop where you are and pick it up when you feel better. You'll be surprised what a difference a day can make. By Saturday, you're energy should be recovered and projects more easily tackled. Sunday a little outing with a loved one will do your heart good.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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