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skilled  Scorpio

Week of  Tuesday 13th of November

Soothe Stress With Pampering.

Your organizational powers are in need on Monday, Scorpio. Someone is relying on you to bring a couple of diverse groups of people together. You are, in other words, the glue.

Midweek is best for love and hanging out with friends. Don't sign anything or enter into any contracts now. You can fix any misunderstandings at home, though or with loved ones. With new friends, though, keep your eyes and ears open. Is she/he being honest?

Friday do not let little things bring you down. Saturday will much more pleasurable if you leave things alone for a while. Don't focus on negative things or stress. Sunday, make sure to take it easy; put aside all work for one day and enjoy "at home" activities with family and friends.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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