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skilled  Scorpio

Week of  Wednesday 30th of November

Use Your Gifts to Have Success.

Scorpio, it will be slow going as we start this week. When you hit the office on Monday, you can spend some of this downtime rearranging and organizing your office procedures. Not too quickly, nonetheless, one step at a time.

Wednesday you and your special someone will finally have time alone to celebrate. Even you cannot get away from the office now - prepare a schedule for just you two. Thursday, get out and about; make this a special day and celebrate it every year.

In fact, you should continue completing your own tasks, through Thursday. As the workweek finishes, you can take it easy as the crisis should've passed by then. When all else fails, write down all your inspiring ideas - many of them are genius level! The weekend is great for tying up loose ends at home.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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