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spectacular  Scorpio

Week of  Monday 18th of July

Volunteering Brings Joy.

Monday you're quite the people-person, Scorpio. Friendship is the best way to keep it, too. Avoid business with friends --it could be misunderstood. Mutual activities, with friends, are certainly fine, of course.

Wednesday and Thursday raises and new responsibilities will make you happy. Of course, if you're in a job, which is taking you nowhere -- consider seeking better situations. Professional help may be needed.

Friday you may will find the answer you've been seeking. So, by Saturday you should consider really making a forward huge step toward your plan. It need be only one for now. By Sunday, you'll see the little flaw in the plan. You can fix it quickly and it will be done almost miraculously! When it falls into place, you'll know it's right on the money.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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