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Week of  Monday 27th of October

Be Self-Involved Once in a While.

Expect some glitches Monday and Tuesday, Scorpio. You can overcome it, of course. It's not as bad as it seems. Focus on the good things and ride right on through it all. You always land on your feet, anyway.

You're in charge by midweek. People trust you as you are the one to get things done. Even if people don't realize it, you really do take the bull by the horns. At this time you'll be doing a lot of that. No one will mind, though, as you will get it done and complete.

Save daydreaming for Friday and Saturday, when business is completed. It's an excellent idea to keep track of your dreams in a journal, too. Find some books to read on goal setting; you'll learn how to use the gift of your visions. This is an excellent time to be more spiritually in tune, too.

Love and Light, Angel Aura


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