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testy  Taurus

Week of  Tuesday 18th of September

Romance Him or Her and Two Find Success!

As we head into a true Aquarian age, Taurus, you'll find yourself in the most creative state of grace. If you weren't a nature freak before, now you'll find yourself appreciating what the Universe has provided you and all us.

You'll come out really well on Wednesday - when you'll have many tasks completed and move quickly into the success mode. Help others by giving them progressive tasks and complete projects.

Thursday and Friday can be confusing. This is not the time to trust your intuition, it's off. Use logical thinking and you'll overcome it all. A lot will go undone, still use your brains. Saturday and Sunday is a great time to take a little day trip, find yourself -- your true self, at least and get the juices flowing again.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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