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tuneful  Taurus

Week of  Monday 18th of January

Remain Cautious at Work.

On Monday and Tuesday, Taurus, go out and express your self. Speak your mind if someone puts you down, or take your camera out of storage and take some springtime pics.

This sort of strategic planning gives you the power to initiate, build and generate a prosperous new project, or move your office to a higher level. It may also mean it's time for many of you to plunge into becoming self-employed or starting your own practice.

The end of the workweek through the weekend is going to be more about keeping your wits about you with a partner. Don't push too hard right now. It will be more favorable to include several friends in your weekend plans and avoid too much one on one, where you're more likely to get too demanding.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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