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terrific  Taurus

Week of  Monday 16th of September

Give To Others. Expect Surprises!

Count your blessings, and your money carefully. Taurus you're ready to go crazy shopping. Stop! You know how much you can afford or cannot. Join the club and be reassured we all suffer from the same financial stress. Of course, early this week, if you asked to hear about a business or a way to increase your income, luck in on your side. Go to the convention or workshop. You may find your dream job!

Involved Taurus will experience some wanderlust midweek. If things end, then it is time. Avoiding rushing into a new situation, though. Protecting yourself is no mistake.

Thursday stress may be more than you can handle. Keep in mind, this too will pass. Nothing is permanent and counting to ten often helps. Friday will be better if you do not work yourself up the day before. Saturday should be calm and sweet as long you let the office stay at the office. Sunday meditate on your good fortune and blessings.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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