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testy  Taurus

Week of  Monday 22nd of August

Creativity Brings Out Your Best.

No new news on Monday, Taurus. Everyone is back to work and has to be serious. Nevertheless, if something is really bothering you, do get it out in the open. Tuesday, you can discuss it with a higher up or professional.

Details are important Wednesday and Thursday -- do what you have to and do not miss any appointments. Also, keep any promises to friends and relatives, i.e. "I'll call you at 4" will be taken seriously. Write it down if you'll forget.

Saturday is a good time to focus on the finishing some work so you can dedicate more time to the new venture. In the evening and through the end of the weekend, you can engage in some sensual fun with your significant other! Hire a babysitter and romance your special someone.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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