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terrific  Taurus

Week of  Monday 15th of July

Separate friends and business.

Love finds its way to you early this week. If you're involved, Taurus, your partner will suddenly show you how wonderful he or she is and renew your feelings. If you're single, you attract more than you can date!

Tuesday and Wednesday brings a pleasant time; work is smooth and so is romance. Friday, expect some good news in your love life. A special gift from a significant other, or a date with the one you admire.

Saturday you've energy drive is full throttle and psychic visions abound. You could make a few bucks telling others about their future. As long as you use your power for good, you will continue to win. Sunday, be strong and stand up for your rights if they are threatened. If needed, you can gather a group and plan a peaceful protest to make your beliefs heard.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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