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tuneful  Taurus

Week of  Tuesday 15th of January

Go With the Flow ...

As the week starts, don't resist the changes, Taurus. It's a great time to start new projects or pursue old dreams. Now don't try to do it all, not in the same day! You're not a geek if make lists and do one thing at a time.

Wednesday and Thursday, hold your ground when others may accuse you of slacking. Look, your higher up and you know you haven't. Don't get too defensive, of course. Be firm and point out the truth. In short, take the higher ground in all matters.

Be warned, though, this will a week filled with work for the most part. Of course, you are good at balancing things and can certainly make some time for a bit of fun. Seek out a few moments to entertain and be entertained by a significant other, or as a family. Although, love and pleasures of the flesh are highlighted, too.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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