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tuneful  Taurus

Week of  Wednesday 30th of November

Practice Meditation and Visualization.

Taurus, on Monday share your ideas with the higher ups and watch them blossom. Tuesday you're feeling light and breezy as a spring day. See if you can skip out early and play.

Tuesday and Wednesday will seem like bliss when your services are sought. Now, co-workers will be aware and in need of your superior skills. Be kind and do what you can to help. After work, be with a close friend or two and get it all out of your system.

Although you don't have to, you may want some time to yourself on Saturday and Sunday; mostly to plan your future at a business/career level. But, if you choose to share your thoughts with someone, you will find a much better relationship blossoming, too! Double the pleasure. And we know you love to double everything, right Mr. or Ms. Twin!!!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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