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victorious  Virgo

Week of  Sunday 18th of March

Talk With Yourself.

Virgo, on Monday and Tuesday, do everything step-by-step and don't rush into big projects-at least, not by yourself. If you work alone, tackle one task at a time until they are complete.

Business booms for you, too, this week. Particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can't complain as you have met your goal in many ways - helping others and making money. Thursday onward through the weekend, you are the great manipulator. And you really don't have to try too hard. People are suddenly attracted to your charm and willing to do your will.

Saturday, follow all the rules, and avoid breaking any laws; in short, drive the speed limit. You need to clean up and keep your act cleaned up. Sunday, do whatever makes you happiest with your best and closest friends. Keep your mind on enjoying yourself and you won't be single much longer!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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