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vigilant  Virgo

Week of  Tuesday 13th of November

Get Some Alone Time.

The year end crunch at work will be stressful, Virgo. Of course, there is not news to you. Just make sure, once the workday is over, you leave work at work and relax at home, or out, with family and friends.

You could still be a bit moody by Wednesday. Cheer up by doing something fun, for yourself, or with a positive friend or two. Avoid watching news and stick to comedy and upbeat programs and activities.

You'll continue to see your success displayed for you. You'll gain money and new clients or projects. Use this abundant time to advertise and bring in more customers. Of course, any offers coming your way this week, you need to push for more information. Accept nothing but every single detail to the fullest. Insist if you have to.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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