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victorious  Virgo

Week of  Monday 25th of April

Renew your inner-self...

You'll notice lots of great opportunities as early as Monday, Virgo. Actually, it's a good week for many signs. If an opportunity catches your eye, take it and watch it take root. Consider all the options, of course, before just jumping in. In romance, you notice your spiritual connection with a significant other; let him/her know how you feel, as he/she may be feeling a little unappreciated lately.

Details are important Wednesday and Thursday -- do what you have to and do not miss any appointments. Also, keep any promises to friends and relatives, i.e. "I'll call you at 4" will be taken seriously. Write it down if you'll forget.

Discord can hit the home front on Friday. The keyword is "compromise". Saturday and Sunday stay close to home. Sitting down together as a family will be enough. Recognize the love around you and express it. Ease any stress with creative pursuits.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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