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virtuous  Virgo

Week of  Monday 18th of July

Energy Abounds and Leads to Success.

Virgo, you'll want to go to a more innocent time early in the week. You're feeling like the punished child and may even throw a temper tantrum. If you do, throw in your charm and you could get your way!

As midweek rolls around, with good stretching, you can go a little further. This includes all things! You don't ask for a raise without proof you deserve more money. Show your work by helping out others.

Friday is for clearing your mind and relaxing your body. Stay home or take up an activity that is near home. Saturday, a trip to the movies or touring an art exhibit will be the best choices. Sunday pampering yourself is favored. A massage, manicure or pedicure --indulge yourself in pleasure.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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