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victorious  Virgo

Week of  Monday 17th of February

Start Your Own Business!

Monday and Tuesday will be stressful, Virgo. Sorry to break the bad news. Stay on top of priorities and grab the unfinished business during the lull. Not that there will be a lot of time to tackle it --but use what you have.

As Wednesday approaches be grateful for what you do have. It's not so bad, right? There are great people in your life. You have love, family and emotional support from several sources. Through Thursday, let your intuition guide you.

At the middle of the week onward, you need to make a decision and find too many to narrow it down. Don't freak because as the last of the workweek comes in, the picture is much clearer. This will make Saturday and Sunday really great, if not strange (strangely fun), and all about love and inspiration.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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