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vigilant  Virgo

Week of  Monday 23rd of May

Be Kind With Your Time.

Monday, you'll find you're in love alone, Virgo. It isn't always mutual when it comes to how both parties are feelings. Listen to what he or she is telling you and do not ignore non-verbal signals. Believe what you see or hear.

By the end of the workweek, it will be calmer. Although, when possible, keep up any physical activity that gets your heart pumping (yes, that too!). It actually helps other areas of your life, too, you know.

Keep your psychic gifts in tune. They do help, you know. Let the nay Sayers go there own way and continue to follow your path. Gifts are not evil or bad, they come from a higher place and there's no reason to feel guilty for possessing a talent. Saturday and Sunday brings beautiful things your way and your soul grows.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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