Sweet Pepper Shrimp with Linguine

seafoodSweet Pepper Shrimp with Linguine Submitted by: Crisco®
Shrimp and linguine with peppers makes a fast dinner

Sizzling Peaches and Steak

seafoodSizzling Peaches and Steak Submitted by:
Good old fashioned steak made with peaches

Baked Salmon with Black Olive Salsa

seafoodBaked Salmon with Black Olive Salsa Submitted by: Kraft®
Baked salmon with a tangy onion and olive salsa.

Spring Greens and Roasted Chicken

seafoodSpring Greens and Roasted Chicken Submitted by: william
Summer light and tasty chicken salad

Chili With Double-Bean Toss

seafoodChili With Double-Bean Toss Submitted by: William
Hearty Chili just in time for the cold months

Orange Teriyaki Beef with noodles

seafoodOrange Teriyaki Beef with noodles Submitted by: midnight
Quick and easy orange terriyaki beef with noodles

Stuffed Calamares

seafoodStuffed Calamares Submitted by: Chuckie
For the Calamare Lovers this tasty recioe will hit the spot

Beans and Latin Greens with Mojo

seafoodBeans and Latin Greens with Mojo Submitted by:
Great Vegetarian dish made with beans and greens

Cornish Hen with Bulgur-Bacon Stuffing

seafoodCornish Hen with Bulgur-Bacon Stuffing Submitted by: Suzie
Cornish Hen with the flavorful Bulgur-Bacon Stuffing

Reuben Burgers

seafoodReuben Burgers Submitted by: tallwill
Reuben taste in a hamburger makes a snappy quick dinner

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