Saucy Dijon Fish

seafoodSaucy Dijon Fish Submitted by: KarenSue
A Fish Lovers delight with and spicey horseradish taste

Tortellini With Salmon & Dill

seafoodTortellini With Salmon & Dill Submitted by: Philadelphia Cream Cheese®
Smoked salmon mingles with cheese tortellini and a touch of dill

Crunchy Broccoli Toss

seafoodCrunchy Broccoli Toss Submitted by: Planters® Nuts
Broccoli with the crunchy addition of trail mix.

Swordfish with Cucumber Sauce

seafoodSwordfish with Cucumber Sauce Submitted by: Chris
Good light meal swordfish with a delicious cucumber sauce

Dilly Salmon Fillets

seafoodDilly Salmon Fillets Submitted by: William
Salmon made with dill

French Dip Sandwiches

seafoodFrench Dip Sandwiches Submitted by: Chuckie
Good old fashioned beef french dip sandwiches

Italian Tuna Toss

seafoodItalian Tuna Toss Submitted by: Chris
Easy to throw together, this veggie-packed salad will wow your dinner guests.

Sesame Chicken Kabob Salad

seafoodSesame Chicken Kabob Salad Submitted by: Chuckie
Sesame Chicken Kabob Salad made in 30 minutes

Sloppy Joe Mac

seafoodSloppy Joe Mac Submitted by: midnight
Good and fast comfort food

Beef and Noodles with Fresh Vegetables

seafoodBeef and Noodles with Fresh Vegetables Submitted by: Sally Jean
A complete meal in one pot beef, noodles and veggies

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