Coriander-Studded Tenderloin Steak

seafoodCoriander-Studded Tenderloin Steak Submitted by: William
Stuffed steak made with a different tase using coriander

Cilantro Canapes

seafoodCilantro Canapes Submitted by: KarenSue
Great little snacks to have handy with the holidays

Salisbury Steak

seafoodSalisbury Steak Submitted by: Stove Top Stuffing®
A classic favorite made quick and easy. Great leftovers!

Easy Beef Strogonoff

seafoodEasy Beef Strogonoff Submitted by: Chuckie
Simple & Easy Beef Strogonoff

Marinated Chicken Strips and Vegetables

seafoodMarinated Chicken Strips and Vegetables Submitted by: Chuckie
Yummy marinade for the chicken strips with veggies

Submarine Sandwich

seafoodSubmarine Sandwich Submitted by: Chris
Good and hearty meal in one sandwich

Black Bean Chili

seafoodBlack Bean Chili Submitted by: KarenSue
Chili made with black beans

Linguini with zucchini in blue cheese sauce

seafoodLinguini with zucchini in blue cheese sauce Submitted by: william
Perfect dish for the Vegetarians

Pepperoni and Bacon Pasta Salad

seafoodPepperoni and Bacon Pasta Salad Submitted by: william
When you add pepperoni to Suddenly Salad it comes alive

Swiss Rye Strata

seafoodSwiss Rye Strata Submitted by: Chris
This savory bread pudding is perfect as a satisfying, low-fat comfort food

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