Fish and Corn Chowder

seafoodFish and Corn Chowder Submitted by: Chris
Good hearty soup perfect for these cold nights

Double-Dipped Potato Chip Chicken with Quick Slaw

seafoodDouble-Dipped Potato Chip Chicken with Quick Slaw Submitted by: KarenSue
Chicken made with a batter of potato chips with a side of slaw

Italian Ham Primavera

seafoodItalian Ham Primavera Submitted by: Kraft®
Ham and a white cheddar sauce combines with vegetables in this quick Italian meal.

Lemon Chicken

seafoodLemon Chicken Submitted by: Crisco®
Not just fried chicken. A lemon flavor makes the difference.

Jamaican Pork Stir-Fry

seafoodJamaican Pork Stir-Fry Submitted by: Chuckie
Pork Stir-Fry spiced up the Jamaican way

Beef, Bacon and Blues Wrap

seafoodBeef, Bacon and Blues Wrap Submitted by: pepperannsw
Fast and easy beef and bacon wraps

Dilled Shrimp and Egg Salad Wraps

seafoodDilled Shrimp and Egg Salad Wraps Submitted by: William
Adding shrimp and fresh dill weed make egg salad special...

Cheesy Chicken Noodle Skillet

seafoodCheesy Chicken Noodle Skillet Submitted by:
Dinner made all in one skillet

Crab Mornay

seafoodCrab Mornay Submitted by: RockyB
A tasty light dish made with crab meat

Creamy Mexican Beef Tacos

seafoodCreamy Mexican Beef Tacos Submitted by: Ortega®
A new twist on an old favorite. Diced green chilis and cream cheese liven these tacos up.

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