Rodeo Dog Costume
Rodeo Dog Costume
submitted by: AnnMarie
This outfit is sure to Lasso your Heart
Sink Hole
Sink Hole
submitted by: Chuckie
Hit the brakes!
submitted by: Chuckie
What a strange position
No looking at monkey
No looking at monkey
submitted by: AnnMarie
Funny Sign at the Zoo
Great Dane
Great Dane
submitted by: AnnMarie
Perfect fit for this chair
Crazy Little Dog
Crazy Little Dog
submitted by: Marcus
Please be my friend

Joe Webb  at work and bored

Take a quick break if you're bored at work.
Entertainment for the Corporately Challenged

Submarine Sandwich
submitted by: RockyB
Submarine Sandwich by PES a Strange sandwhich
Cool Magnet Trick
submitted by: AnnMarie
Cool Magnet Trick Needles Suspended in mid-air
Solar System & Stars
submitted by: RockyB
This Is Mind Blowing!
Annoying Orange
submitted by: KarenSue
Funny talking vegetables and fruits

Remember: If the boss comes: Hit the Panic Button!

Post Game Party
submitted by: RockyB

After the big Super Bowl party....
Your Internet
submitted by: midnight

10 Ways You Know Your Internet Connection Is A Little Slow..
A Food Valentine
submitted by: Chris

Cabbage always has a heart....
One Smart Mom
submitted by: RockyB

John invited his mother over for dinner one evening....
Ancient China
submitted by: William

Son: Is it true?
Phunny Physics
submitted by: Chuckie

Weight an evangelist carries with God: 1 billigram...

Soul-Scape featuring Phillip Guillaume • My Weekly Horoscope
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• Thoughts by Phillip Guillaume

My Weekly Horoscope Free Weekly Horoscope Monday from Soulscape

Here is your Weekly Horoscope each Monday. Free insight from the stars. How will you week begin? What changes might come? What will the weekend be like?This and more insight from Angel Aura in My Weekly Horoscope

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My Thoughts by Phillip Guillaue In Astrology Does the Distance of the Planets Matter? If you want to have some fun at your next astrology gathering try asking this question: Does the distance of the planets from the earth matter? My Thoughts by Phillip Guillaume.

dream analysisCheck out the meaning of that recurring dream and the symbols it contains try My Dream Catcher.

quiet timeRelax and regroup with unique vistas and quiet music My Quiet Time. Renew your spirit in the middle of the day or as your day winds down.

submitted by: William

Yummy Halloween Soup

Fresh Tuna TacosFresh Tuna Tacos
submitted by: Chuckie

Take a taste adventure and try tuna tacos

Lemongrass Beef KabobsLemongrass Beef Kabobs
submitted by: Suzie

Beef Kabobs made with lemongrass and coconut milk

Mushroom-Sauced Pork ChopsMushroom-Sauced Pork Chops
submitted by: William

Great Porck Chops sauted with mushrooms

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