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Smallest Horse
submitted by: midnight
World's Smallest Horse Pinto Stallion
Hiding a Body
submitted by: midnight
How to dispose of a body Shut Up Cartoons
Tetris On Building
submitted by: tallwill
Wow playing tetris with the windows at MIT
Optical Illusions
submitted by: Jamie
How many of these work for you?
Cubing Out
submitted by: robfelsnik
Reasons why you hate your job. Animated for your protection.
Worlds Best Bartende
submitted by: Marcus
Amazing bartender juggles bottle and drinkd
11 YO BBall Phenom
submitted by: Marcus
THis kid is amazing and he's only 11!
Solar System & Stars
submitted by: RockyB
This Is Mind Blowing!
Sexy OrangesSexy Oranges
submitted by: Chris
Ohhhh! those are oranges
Yoda DogYoda Dog
submitted by: midnight
Doggie Dresses up in his costume
Sumo SmashSumo Smash
submitted by: Suzie
The big guys will smash the container for sure!
Arm RodentArm Rodent
submitted by: william
Check out the little creature that is ready to defend
Weather StationWeather Station
submitted by: midnight
Check out the name of the station!!
Chicken EggChicken Egg
submitted by: midnight
Poor little chickie
Sit Down & ThinkSit Down & Think
submitted by: Marcus
Sit down and think about the problem
Not Enough CoffeeNot Enough Coffee
submitted by: William
Not enough coffee to rise and shine
3 Men in a Pub
submitted by: RockyB

One day an Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman....
More than 100%
submitted by: RockyB

We often hear when a worker is praised that they "give more
Success through ages
submitted by: therapist

At age 4 success is...
Brain Restaurant
submitted by: Chris

A restaurant on Mars which specializes in brains...
Halloween Jokes
submitted by: AnnMarie

Why don't skeletons ever go out on the town????
Three Hookers
submitted by: William

It was the usual scene in the City's Night Court....
Knock knock... cows
submitted by: midnight

Person 1: Knock, Knock
Demetia Test
submitted by: Linda

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