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Asleep at the Wheel
submitted by: therapist
The CGI doesn't look that convincing...
Baby Meets Twins
submitted by: Chuckie
Adorably confused baby meets twins
Dog Guards Bike
submitted by: Suzie
This dog watches over the owners bike while he is away
Squirrel Fights Crow
submitted by: AnnMarie
Amazing Squirrel Fights off Crows - Protects Dead Friend
Bruce Lee Ping Pong
submitted by: Chuckie
Bruce Lee plays Ping Pong with nunchucks
Sofia Vergara Funny
submitted by: za3ttot
Sofia Vergara Funny Compilation
Meteor over Canada
submitted by: Jamie
Scary a fireball meteor over Canada
Scarface Parody
submitted by: underwater8
spoof on scarface
Hair CutHair Cut
submitted by: Chuckie
Is this not the best hair cut ever
Construction LimoConstruction Limo
submitted by: AnnMarie
Cmon honey, we can afford better!
Ronald BustedRonald Busted
submitted by: Suzie
That'll teach you to make the coffee too hot!
Cats EyesCats Eyes
submitted by: midnight
Here's a cat eyeing a fish...
Pretty KittyPretty Kitty
submitted by: RockyB
Take time to stop and smell the flowers
Cute Little PuppyCute Little Puppy
submitted by: Chuckie
What a cute little sleeping pup
Bad TranslationBad Translation
submitted by: therapist
That ain't cool...
Big FishBig Fish
submitted by: RockyB
Large cat fish for this man
Only three doors
submitted by: Chuckie

An airline captain was breaking in a new blonde stewardess..
The Deacon
submitted by: AnnMarie

There once was this deacon and this preacher...
Halloween Jokes #8
submitted by: AnnMarie

Where do fasionable ghosts shop for sheets?
2 blondes on a camel
submitted by: st3v3o

2 blondes went to work one day
Poetry Contest
submitted by: Marcus

The National Poetry Contest had come down to two.....
Just Like Dad
submitted by: AnnMarie

The bride, upon her engagement....
Brave Men
submitted by: KarenSue

Admiral McKenzie was in charge of the Navy.....
submitted by: Marcus

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson go on a camping trip