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Meteor over Canada
submitted by: Jamie
Scary a fireball meteor over Canada
Remove Your Mustache
submitted by: AnnMarie
Man tries funny ways to remove his mustache
Close CallPedestrian
submitted by: tallwill
This lady alomost gets hit. Stupid driver
Best Wedding Fail Co
submitted by: za3ttot
Best Wedding Fail Compilation 2015 Amazing Videos
Puppy vs Mirror
submitted by: AnnMarie
My Mini Dacshund Puppy Playing with a mirror...
White Lion Cub
submitted by: TallWill50
Newborn white lion cub very cute
Anniversary prank!
submitted by: tumba
Don't try this at home.
Baby's first crawl
submitted by: William
Baby's first crawl with her dog
Small Car GasSmall Car Gas
submitted by: Marcus
A small car at the gas pump
Truck Illusion #2Truck Illusion #2
submitted by: midnight
Check out the pepsi crates
Princess Dog CostumePrincess Dog Costume
submitted by: Suzie
Dress her like the Princess she is
Man and DogMan and Dog
submitted by: Suzie
Man with his matching doggie
submitted by: William
It will be tricky to park the car in the garage
One Way StreetOne Way Street
submitted by: midnight
Careful don't turn right!
Body art of EnglandBody art of England
submitted by: william
Check out the colorful body
Sorry IkeaSorry Ikea
submitted by: therapist
This page cannot be displayed...
Young Blonde
submitted by: Marcus

Young blonde was on vacation in the depths of Florida..
Divert your Course..
submitted by: therapist

Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees...
Do The Dishes
submitted by: Chris

Roger is buying his cousin's used motorcycle...
Im Tired
submitted by: TheOfficeCoa

I'm Tired
How to please woman
submitted by: Suzie

A group of girlfriends is on vacation....
Relatives of yours?
submitted by: Suzie

A couple drove down a country road for several miles.....
History Lesson
submitted by: midnight

It was the first day of school and a new student named Pedro
A really bad day
submitted by: Chris

There was this guy at a bar, just looking at his drink.....