Baby Powder Trick

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A married man goes out for a pack of cigarettes one night, and, since the store was closed and the next closest place open was a bar, he decides to go in and have a drink. After a couple of beers, a young blonde sits down beside him. The two start talking, and end up leaving together.

After a long night of sex the man looks at the clock and says, "Oh, my God! My wife is gonna kill me! Quick: Do you have any baby powder?"

"Baby powder?" the woman asks. "Yes, here."

The man spreads the powder all over his hands, and drives home.

When he gets home, his wife asks, "Where have you been?"

He proceeds to tell her about the blonde and the long night of sex.

"You expect me to believe that?" she says. "Let me see your hands."

As he puts out his hands, she says,

"You liar! You’ve been out with your friends all night bowling again!"

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