Blonde and the Corvette

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A blonde woman just gets a new Corvette and she's driving on a desert highway when she cuts off a semi-truck.

The truck driver gets mad and pulls her over. After they stop the truck driver pulls her out of the car and makes her stand in a circle he drew in the sand. He tells her to stay in the circle or he would kill her.

Now the truck driver goes into his truck and grabs a baseball bat and knocks out all of the Corvettes windows. When he turns around the blonde is giggling. after he asks her what she thinks is funny the blonde just says "nothing, nothing"

So the driver goes and gets his knife from his truck and slashs all of the blondes tires. After he does that he turns around and the blonde is openly laughing. He asks her whats so funny and she simply says "nothing, nothing"

Now the truck driver is getting angry and gets his shotgun from his truck and starts blasting away at the brand new Corvette. When the driver turns around, the blonde in on the ground, rolling around, laughing. This time when the driver asks the blonde whats so funny the blonde fights through the tears and tells him

"Every time you turned your back I snuck out of the circle in the sand!"

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