Horse and Jockey

Submitted by: uglytic

A man is selling his horse, so he puts an add up in the local bar. A jockey sees the ad, and thinks he'll buy the horse. Now this little fellow had a few little ...things... about him:
1. he had a serious speach impediment.
2. being a jockey he was rather short, and
3. he was heavy. (very heavy for such a short bloke)

Any way... the jockey walks over to the man who is selling his horse.

"thcuthe me" the jockey said, "You thellin your horth?"

"Yes, I am." replied the man.

"Mind if I take a look?" And the man leads the jockey out to the horse.

"Wow!!! What a beaudy!" He said. "Can I take a look ad her back? You'll haf do lifd me up"

So the man lifts the jockey up, but the jockey was such a heavy little fellow, it hurts the man's back, and this kinda made him pissed off.  He put the little guy back down again.

"Hmmmm, Yeth. She'th a good horth. Mind if i take a look ad her teeth?" The jockey said, lifting his arms above his head.  Once again, the man lifts the little fellow up, which hurts his back even more, and pisses him off no end!

He puts him down on the ground, to which the jockey replies"Hmmmm, Yeth. She'th a good horth. a weal good horth! Mind if I see her twat?"

Well, t hat did it! The man picks up the jockey and shoves him head first into the back end of the poor animal, leaves him there a while then pulls him out again coughing and spluttering.

The jockey wipes his face off and said

"Hmmmm, maybe I should have wefwazed that. I meant do you think I can shee her wun on the twack??

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