Male Rules

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evey rule is just as important as the others so everything is No1.

1. boobs are made to look at, thats why we do it, dont try to change it, rather help us a bit by wearing low cut tight shirt

1. sunday = sport, just like full moon is every month leave it that way

1. shopping is NO sport, and NO it will NEVER be.

1. crying is blackmailing

1. ask what you want if you want something, let us be clear: subtile hints dont work, obvous hints dont work, visible hints dont work, JUST SAY IT !!

1. 'yes' and 'no' are reasonable answers to all questions

1. come to us with problems you REALLY want to seen solved, thats what we do, for whining and complaining you have girlfriends

1.a headache of 17 months is a problem, go see a doctor

1. everything we said 6 months ago is not to be talked about again, after 7 days its expired

1. if you think your fat, you probably are, dont ask us

1. everything we say has 2 sides, if one side makes you angry we mean the other side of course

1. OR you say WHAT we have to do OR you say HOW we have to do it, not both, if you know it better then do it yourself

1. if you want to say something say it during commercials

1. christopher columbus found his own way, we do too

1. if it itches we scratch, no matter where we are

1. if we ask whats wrong and you say 'nothing' then we will act like there really is nothing, we know you lie, but its not worth the discussion, so dont go complaining that we dont care

1.if you ask a question of which you dont want to know the answer, expact an answer you dont like.

1. and if we go somewhere again.... really: everything looks good on you, for sure

1.dont ask us what we think of, unless you want to talk about sex, sports, or cars

1. you have enough clothes, an african village is jealous

1. you have too much shoes, a shoe store at the mall is jealous

1. im in perfect shape, round is a shape too

1.thanks for reading this, i know, i have to sleep on the couch tonight, but you know, we men dont care, its just like camping :)

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