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England are to play Trinidad and Tobago in the world cupa nd the England players are so sure that they will win that they all say that they will go to the pub for a pint. The captain says that he will stay behind to see what he can do. The players ask him if he is sure and when he says yes they all go to the pub.

In the ninth minute of the game the england players, who are now enjoying a nice pint, decide to see how their captain is doing. They turn on the TV and the commentator says that England have just gone 1-0 up. So they turn off the TV and carry on with their drinks.

In the 89th minute the players decide to check up on the game again so they turn on the TV and the commentator says that Trinidad and Tobago have just equalised and it is 1-1.

The players were amazed, so they went to tell their captain how well he had done. but when they got their he was really pissed off. They asked him why he is pissed off and he says

"I got sent off after the tenth minute!"

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