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A blond walks into a wal-mart and asks if she can purchase a new t.v. that is sitting on the shelf. The worker says "Sorry maam we do not sell that item to blondes." Cursing under her breath the blonde storms out of the store.

The next day the blond comes into wal-mart again, but she has dyed her hair brunett. She asks the worker if she can purchase the t.v. on the shelf. Again the worker says we do not sell that item to blondes. The blond now mad and confused storms out of the store again.

The next day she comes back this time with red hair and again asks the worker if she can buy the t.v. on the shelf and he again says that they do not sell that item to blonds. Finally pissed off and at her wits end she yells at the man, "why won't you let me buy that tv on the shelf?"

And in a very low but mocking voice the man says "look at that ok, what is it?" The woman says, "Its a tv and i wanna buy it, damn it!"

The man says, " It's not a t.v., its a microwave."

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