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There was this older man who was working with his son-in-law and every morning they would go to this diner down the street from the office and have coffee and whatever the special was for breakfast. Everyone knew them and they likewise knew everyone, too.
So this particular morning was no different, they came in and ordered their coffee and the special, the waitress went to the back to put the order in.
While back in the kitchen she made the comment, "Mr. Art and Chris are here." Another one of the waitresses who had been out of work on vacation was especially excited to hear this and rushed out of the kitchen to see them and tell them hello. (She was a plump woman of a mature age.)
When she saw Mr. Art she gave him a huge hug. When she let go she realized her bra had come undone, she said "Oh! My bra come undone" and without missing a beat the 85 year old man said, "You're lucky I didn't kiss you, 'cause your drawers would've come off."

This is dedicated to my grandfather Art Julis Walters, may his happy soul rest in peace :) I love you, Paw Paw

(This is a 100% TRUE story)

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