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Two big city CPA’s in sharp business suits were walking in the park on their lunch break when a teen with a skateboard passed by. The boy was wearing a denim vest exposing barbed tattoos, had body piercing in many places and dyed orange hair. One of the accountants nudged his partner and both looked at the young man with a mixture of disgust and hilarity.
“This guy spends so much on putting holes in his ears he’ll soon have to get a loan for a hearing aid,” said the CPA with a smirk. The punk turned round and faced the two men squarely.
“I feel the same thing for you,” he said as he sized them up, “You look like the kind of people who don’t have enough cash between you for a cappuccino.”
“Oh, yeah,” snarled the CPA as he fished out his fat wallet, bursting with cash and credit cards, and shoved it in the punk’s face. Not to be outdone, the other accountant did the same.
“I was so wrong,” replied the punk who snatched the wallets, jumped on his skateboard and sped down the path leaving the two CPA’s with dropped jaws. Five seconds later, they were chasing him across the park, shouting and cursing as they bumped into people along the way. The punk was approaching a shallow lake with a duck island in the middle. He spied a long bamboo rod and jumped off his skateboard. Then he took the rod and pole vaulted from the shore of the lake onto the island sending ducks flying in all directions. The two men stopped at the water’s edge, hesitated for a while then decided to wade through.
“You think you’ve lost us, huh?” said one of the men as he kicked off his shoes and socks, “Well think again, bonehead!”
“We’ve got you now!” said the other rolling up his trousers and stepping gingerly into the shallow water.
The punk let the two men approach the island. Then when they were almost there, he pole vaulted over their heads and back to the lake shore.
“Who’s the bonehead now?” he said mockingly as he picked up their shoes, jumped back on his skateboard and dashed off down the gravel path. The CPA’s waded back to shore, red-faced and furious, as a small crowd gathered to enjoy the free show. One of them whipped out his cell phone and called his colleague at work begging him to pick them up at the park.

Meanwhile, in a sheltered nook some distance away, the punk emptied the wallets of the cash and dumped them together with the two pairs of shoes in a small heap next to a garbage can. Then, with almost three hundred extra dollars in his pocket, he skateboarded back to his buddies.

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