Talking Rabbit

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A rabbit walks in to a bar and asks for a beer and a ham sandwich. Barman says "You can talk?" The rabbit says, "Hey your'e observant just get me sandwich will ya?"
The rabbit comes in the next day at the same time. Barman asks "Do you mind me asking what you're doing here?" "I work on the building site for the new hotel opposite"

The rabbit comes in for his lunch every day that week. At the weekend the circus comes to town. On the Saturday the ring master come to the pub for a beer. The barman says to him "Boy, have I got an act for you!" "There's a rabbit comes in here every day for his lunch and he talks, as good as you and I!" Ringmaster tells him for "God's sake get him to come to the circus, he'll make a fortune!"

On the Monday the rabbit comes in as usual and the barman tells him "Have I got a good job for you" "At the circus" The rabbit asks is that where they have shows in a a big canvas tent?" "Yeah that's the place" The rabbit then says "What the f*** do they want with a plasterer?"

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