Ugly people in heavn

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A coach full of ugly people are in a crash and all die and go to heaven. St Peter says to God what are we going to do. God replies give them all one wish and send them back to earth and they wont remember a thing.

So St Peter goes to the queue of ugly people and asks the first person what his one wish will be. The man says I want to be gorgeous, and gorgeous he was and is sent back to earth with no memory of the crash. At the back he hears someone laugh but ignores it.

He goes to the second man 'I wish to be handsome' and handsome he was, St Peter hears someone laughing again but ignores it. This carries on with everyone asking to be beautiful, Eventually St Peter gets to the last man who by this time is laughing histerically.

Eventually the man calms down and apologizes and asks if he is still allowed his wish. St Peter replies 'Of course'

The man replies 'I wish all those people are turned back to being ugly'

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