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Palm PilotPalm Pilot
submitted by: Jamie
Only the redneck will understand this!
Optical Illusion #2Optical Illusion #2
submitted by: Chuckie
Focus on the dot in the center move your head backwards
Sorry IkeaSorry Ikea
submitted by: therapist
This page cannot be displayed...
Body art of EnglandBody art of England
submitted by: william
Check out the colorful body
submitted by: Suzanne
The redneck operatin' system
Cool World Cup AdCool World Cup Ad
submitted by: Marcus
Ouch that sure looks like it hurt this guy
Ice Sculpture #3Ice Sculpture #3
submitted by: RockyB
Take a ride in this coach made of ice
Total WorkaholicTotal Workaholic
submitted by: Suzie
You cannot even go to the bathroom in peace
submitted by: KarenSue
Lets see if you can read this corectly
Big BoatBig Boat
submitted by: Chris
OOPS look what came on shore....
High Gas PricesHigh Gas Prices
submitted by: Chris
Here's a protest to high gas prices!
Funny Looking DogFunny Looking Dog
submitted by: therapist
Just peculiar
Incredible TongueIncredible Tongue
submitted by: AnnMarie
She should be in the Guinness Book of Records.
Lost my head!Lost my head!
submitted by: Suzie
Oops, I lost my head!
Fallen Fire TruckFallen Fire Truck
submitted by: Chuckie
Call the fire department... oh...
submitted by: RockyB
Cartoon dog giggles