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California resident sets up trap for would-be car thieves

submitted by: Chris

A Southern California resident decided she's had enough of thieves prowling her neighborhood and took matters into her...

Jet In Storm

submitted by: Suzie

Pilot lands 394-ton A380 sideways as Storm Dennis rages

Worlds Best Bartender

submitted by: Marcus

Amazing bartender juggles bottle and drinkd

Amazing Humans

submitted by: Chuckie

Most amazing humans in the world

Bowling Bounce Back

submitted by: William

Bowling Pin Impossibly DEFIES World's Strongest Bowler

Air Mattress Failure

submitted by: Suzie

QVC On Air Mattress Failure

1950's Girl Gone Wil

submitted by: Bob3

The Girls gone Wild franchise had some cool ads in the 1950s

Dog and Cat

submitted by: AnnMarie

Very funny! fat cat & cute dog playing

Pig Adopts Puppies

submitted by: midnight

A pig adopts four puppies that were abandoned at birth

Girl Hears Reaction

submitted by: KarenSue

Girl's Adorable Reaction to Hearing Aids for first time

Bear Fight

submitted by: Jamie

Bear fight recorded on trail camera

Side Show Mel

submitted by: Marcus

OUCH! 96 year old side show performer