More Funny videos!

Heather Martin Sings

submitted by: AnnMarie

Heather Martin - When Are You Coming Home

Pug in the Tub

submitted by: Chuckie

Barry the Pug takes a bath

Jurassic Cat

submitted by: midnight

Jurassic Park but with a Cat

Fastest Yodeling

submitted by: AnnMarie

Fastest yodeling ever heard, with cigarette in mouth

Dog's Fetch Dream

submitted by: TallWill50

Dog catches a ball then another... then!

Optical Illusions

submitted by: Jamie

How many of these work for you?

Cool Electric Train

submitted by: Chris

World's Simplest Electric Traine Battery and a coil of wire

Hubble Deep Space

submitted by: Jamie

Hubble's UItra Deep Field in 3D is amazing

Meteor over Canada

submitted by: Jamie

Scary a fireball meteor over Canada

Scottish Whisky Distillery Tour Guide Doesn't Give A F**k

submitted by: midnight

Ah, Aqua Vitae. The Water of Life. Uisge Beatha....whisky. Scottish Whisky Distillery Tour Guide Doesn't Give A F**k

Short-Armed Cat

submitted by: RockyB

It's hard to fight when your arms are so short

Voice Disguiser Gag

submitted by: RockyB

The Old Telephone Voice Disguiser Trick