More Funny videos!

Civil War Veterans

submitted by: KarenSue

Talking About Fighting in the Civil War

Massive Wave

submitted by: William

Yeah, I'd get out of the water quickly

Twin Babies Talk

submitted by: Marcus

Twin babies talk and hold hands for the first time

Smallest Horse

submitted by: midnight

World's Smallest Horse Pinto Stallion

Porsche Crash Home

submitted by: William

Porsche Taycan whoops crash at home

Auto Robots

submitted by: KarenSue

Robots build themselves and have a mind of their own

Baby Boggies Down

submitted by: Jamie

Baby waits for beat to drop

Little sister started crying... and Husky took kind action

submitted by: Suzie

Little sister started crying... and that's when Husky took the kindest action

Really Big Machines

submitted by: Chuckie

These are some amazing BIG machines

Meteor over Canada

submitted by: Jamie

Scary a fireball meteor over Canada

Optical Illusions

submitted by: Jamie

How many of these work for you?

Dog's Fetch Dream

submitted by: TallWill50

Dog catches a ball then another... then!