More Funny videos!

Bear Fight

submitted by: Jamie

Bear fight recorded on trail camera

Amazing Pumpkins

submitted by: KarenSue

These are all REAL hand-carved pumpkins!

Meteor over Canada

submitted by: Jamie

Scary a fireball meteor over Canada

Annoying Orange

submitted by: KarenSue

Funny talking vegetables and fruits

Dog Plays With Crab

submitted by: TallWill

Sheila likes to dig out crabs and play with them

Bowling Bounce Back

submitted by: William

Bowling Pin Impossibly DEFIES World's Strongest Bowler

Short-Armed Cat

submitted by: RockyB

It's hard to fight when your arms are so short

24 Curious goat kids!

submitted by: KarenSue

The barn gets more fun every morning and now that the kids are used to me, they are very interested...

Smallest Horse

submitted by: midnight

World's Smallest Horse Pinto Stallion

Window Surprise

submitted by: Marcus

Was working from home, when I heard something at the window

Royal Baby Girl

submitted by: za3ttot

Royal Baby Girl leaves Hospital - Prince William Drives Kate

Power Tumblers

submitted by: singlemalt

How do they get so high?