What's your SIGN? No matter. Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence your week. You always have free will to determine your destiny. But perhaps some insight from the stars will aid in your decicions about Love, Money, Work or ? Free Weekly Horoscope Monday

What's your SIGN? Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence decicions about Love, Money, Work or ?


gifted  Gemini

Free Weekly Horoscope for
Monday 17th of June

Experiment in Love.

Time to pull out your hidden talents, Gemini. You know you been hiding them for the right moment - now the moment has arrived. Use them generously early this week and watch jaws drop! This and your past performance will have your business booming all week long. Soak in the glory!

By midweek, you will feel less flighty. If you've slacked off somewhere, now is the time to fix it and catch-up. Do take breaks as needed, of course; nevertheless, be very professional at the office in all that you do.

Friday could be a little shaky with co-workers. Don't worry it will blow over by next week. In the meantime, recognize work well done. Saturday, be sure to think through all the things in your life and where you want to go. Sunday, pamper yourself as you seek your answers.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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