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laughing  Leo

Week of  Monday 1st of June

Ask For What You Want.

Monday and Tuesday it all about you, Leo. Speak of your talents and have your resume ready, if you're looking to move upward or out of your current situation. You now have the resources and/or knowledge to start your own business, as well.

By the time Wednesday arrives your mind is on more adult situations. Although a little acting and flirting won't hurt, as long as your careful. Nothing overt, of course, and keep it somewhat professional.

After this, until the weekend, it will be more challenging. Seek advice in those you trust to get your through it. Save the weekend for fun. A surge of energy will help you get a lot done. Perhaps some creative work will do your soul good? How long has it been since you entertained your inner child with finger painting? Might be fun!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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