What's your SIGN? No matter. Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence your week. You always have free will to determine your destiny. But perhaps some insight from the stars will aid in your decicions about Love, Money, Work or ? Free Weekly Horoscope Monday

What's your SIGN? Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence decicions about Love, Money, Work or ?


tuneful  Taurus

Free Weekly Horoscope for
Monday 28th of November

Be Self-Involved Once in a While.

As Monday rolls in, Taurus, recognition finally comes your way for your good work. It may be a little gift or a small raise. Just the same, enjoy it. When you get stuck, pick a new direction to take a project and it will work out.

Wednesday improves your mood. Take a day off work - you'll accomplish a lot more now. Encourage co-workers by giving them more responsibility. Thursday let go of worry --it will be done well and on time.

Saturday look at the details in contracts at work. Small problems can become huge when you miss something. Sunday, relax and pursue more pleasurable matters -- i.e. romantic outings with your significant other or good times with the family. Or just laying around the house!

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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