What's your SIGN? No matter. Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence your week. You always have free will to determine your destiny. But perhaps some insight from the stars will aid in your decicions about Love, Money, Work or ? Free Weekly Horoscope Monday

What's your SIGN? Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence decicions about Love, Money, Work or ?


victorious  Virgo

Free Weekly Horoscope for
Monday 16th of May

Focus on Now.

Expect some friction on Monday, Virgo, as the planets mess around with all of us. If you play it cool, it won't be as difficult. Tuesday, continue to work carefully and pace yourself, then you may actually not feel any big change.

After Monday and midweek, you'll be the recipient of some enlightening news. It will give you a chance to re-think a situation. It's all positive, nonetheless, and will be quite an experience of opening up for you.

Thursday and Friday it's love, love, love! You can share your most romantic self with a significant other; or meet a new and special friend with your charm. Saturday spend it with young people, or pets. Sunday is about fun -- a great time for an outing with the family.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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