What's your SIGN? No matter. Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence your week. You always have free will to determine your destiny. But perhaps some insight from the stars will aid in your decicions about Love, Money, Work or ? Free Weekly Horoscope Monday

What's your SIGN? Here's how the Sun, Moon and Planets might influence decicions about Love, Money, Work or ?


vigilant  Virgo

Free Weekly Horoscope for
Monday 28th of November

Stop Explaining, Get To The Point.

Virgo, at the beginning of the week, everyone is noticing you. If you're seeking love, it will find you now. Work is not as pleasant, boss is depressed or others have fallen into a dull routine - be the star you are, and see if you can brighten everyone up.

Hump day is decision day. Don't freak, we know how much you hate to make a decision. Without taking on something untried, consider a change of job in the near future (next week, perhaps?). Don't wait too long or the opportunity may pass you by. Communication is key in your personal life now especially.

Of course, you really want to help and your heart is in the right place. Don't worry, though, by the weekend it will be positive. You cannot fix everything. No, wait, you can. Because one way to fix things, at times, is to stay out of it and leave it to those who will solve the problem. It's not always you.

Love and Light, Angel Aura

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